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Cindy B on Kleine Street in Deerfield Wisconsin 10/16/18  New Customer
"We had some water damage in our basement bedroom and closet area we want have cleaned up and deodorized.  It's dry but it still smells.  Thank you for getting here so fast.  That looks and smells so much better.  I really appreciate your good service."  Cleaned Closet, BR: $90.00

Brenda J on Milo Way in Deerfield Wisconsin 5/16/18 Frequent Customer
"I need to make an appointment for another carpet cleaning.  My old dog keeps making messes and sheds alot.  Everything looks great.  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned LR, FR, 2 Staircases, Den, Rug: $345.00

Rachel G on Tillung Road in Cambridge Wisconsin 5/1/18  Customer since 2014
"I need my greatroom cleaned and I'll probably have you do some other areas while you're here.  Can you also clean my sectional?  Everything looks wonderful.  Great job, Dennis!  Thank you for getting me in so fast.  That was perfect."  Cleaned GR, 2 BRs, Sectional Sofa: $465.00

Brenda J on Milo Way in Deerfield Wisconsin 1/25/18 21st appt. since 2010
"My carpets need cleaning again, Dennis, so I'd like to set up an appointment.  I also have your carpet cleaning coupon for your 25% discount.  My dog has been naughty again.  That looks wonderful.  Thank you.  Have a great day."  Cleaned LR, 2 Staircases, Rug: $225.00

Rachel G on Evergreen Drive in Cambridge Wisconsin  4th appt. since 2014
"We just had a sewer backup and I need some emergency service because I have new tenants moving in on Thursday.  While you're here, I'd like you to do some additional areas, because it's been a while since you were here last and I have some bad spots.  Everything looks wonderful, Dennis.  Thank you for the quick service.  You're a lifesaver, Dennis.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned GR, 4 BRs, 2 Hallways, Office, 2 Rugs, Staircase: $735.00

Deborah P on Munson Road in Cambridge Wisconsin  11/14/17  9th appt. since 2005
"Hi Dennis.  I want to make an appointment sometime soon.  I want all my livingroom furniture cleaned this time.  The carpets and furniture look very nice.  We try to keep the dog off but that's impossible.  Thank you.  Have a nice day."  Cleaned LR, Hallway, Staircase, BR, 2 Sofas, 2 Chairs: $360.00

Amy Y on North Main Street in Deerfield Wisconsin 11/10/17  New Customer
"My carpets in the livingroom and bedroom are in bad shape, with my dog and cats, and I'm looking to have them cleaned before Thanksgiving.  Thursday will be prefect.  My husband will be home that day.  The carpets look wonderful.  I can't believe it.  Very nice job.  While you're here, can you give us a price on two more bedrooms and the staircase?"  Cleaned LR, Hallway BR: $135.00

Steven and Debby Z on Prairie Drive in Deerfield Wisconsin 9/11/17 3rd appt. since 2013
"My carpet has gotten very dirty and I need to have it cleaned again.  I just need the livingroom cleaned this time.  That looks amazing, unbelievable.  Thank you so much."  Cleaned GR, Hallway: $180.00

Eric N on Sager Street in Deerfield Wisconsin 9/1/17  New Customer
"My house is on the market here and I want to get all the carpeting cleaned.  I like doing business with a local business.  I'm very happy with what you were able to do.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, Staircase, Hallway, 2 BRs: $240.00

Ron D on Morningside Drive in Deerfield Wisconsin 7/23/17 3rd appt. since 2015
"I need some carpeting cleaned as soon as possible, if that's possible.  You've cleaned this for me last year.  Sunday afternoon will work good for me.  The carpet turned out great.  What a difference.  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned LR, Hallway, Staircase, BR: $160.00

Brenda J on Milo Way in Deerfield Wisconsin 6/8/17 20th appt. since 2010
"Hello Dennis.  I need my carpets cleaned again.  The dog is getting old and has made a few messes.  Thank you for getting me on your schedule so fast.  Everything looks great.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, FR, Rug, Staircase, 5 Chairs: $270.00

Rachel G on Tillung Road in Cambridge Wisconsin 5/2/17 3rd appt since 2014

"In need you back to clean my daughter's bedroom again.  I have a 19-year-old cat that has been peeing on the carpet and I hope you can do your deodorizer treatment like you did last time.  That really worked good.  I  need the staircase down to the basement cleaned too while you're here.  Thank you very much.  I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again."  Cleaned BR, Staircase: $120.00

Brenda J on Milo Way in Deerfield Wisconsin 2/23/17 18th appt. since 2008
"It's time for my carpets to be cleaned again, this week would be great.  They look fantastic.  Thank you, guys."  Cleaned LR, FR, 2 Staircases, Rug: $255.00

Malory W on Savannah Parkway in Deerfield Wisconsin 2/16/17  New Customer
"My daughter got sick and vomited in her bedroom and I need some fast service to clean and deodorize that for me.  I found you when I searched for carpet cleaning in Deerfield.  I also have your coupon.  That looks very nice, and the odor is all gone.  Nice!  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned BR: $75.00


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