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Christen H on Back Nine Drive in Middleton Wisconsin 11/1/17  New Customer
I'm calling to make an appointment to have carpeting in my home cleaned along with a sofa and chase sectional.  I found you on Google.  I have a new baby and I'm dong some preemptive house cleaning.  The carpets look very good, just like new again.  I'm happy with your good job.  Thank you."  Cleaned GR, 2 BRs, Hallway, 2 Staircases, 2 Sofas: $480.00

Paul B on County M in Middleton Wisconsin 10/13/17  Customer Since 2006
"I need my downstairs family room and staircase cleaned.  I know this is short notice but can you do it today, by any chance.  This morning at 10:00 would be wonderful.  It's been a while, so there's a number of spots around.  Nice job.  Thank you very much for getting me in so fast.  That worked perfectly for me."  Cleaned GRs, Stairs: $316.00

Julie J on White Fox Lane in Middleton Wisconsin 9/15/17  New Customer
I'm putting my house on the market and I need to have the carpeting throughout the house cleaned up.  I saw your listing on Google and I see you're a veteran.  The carpets look wonderful.  Good job.  Thank you"  Cleaned LR, DR, FR, Hallway, 4 BRs, Staircase: $330.00

"Randy and Beth W on Cooper Avenue in Middleton Wisconsinn 8/31/17  2nd appt. since 2015
"We need a livingroom carpet cleaned again, especially around dad's chair, all the food and drink spills.  That looks great. Wow!  Thank you for coming."  Cleaned LR: $75.00

Colleen B on Century Avenue in Middleton Wisconsin 7/19/17  New Customer
"I want to have carpets and furniture cleaned for my mother while she's out of town, and the condo management here recommended I call Mr. Steam because you do a lot of work in the complex and residents are very happy with your work.  That turned out very nice.  My mother will be very pleased with how nice things look.  Thank you very much, Dennis, for coming today."  Cleaned LR, BR, Hallway, Sofa, 2 Recliners: $360.00

Tim K on Baskerville Avenue in Middleton Wisconsin 7/8/17  New Customer
"I have some tenants moving out and I want to have all the carpeting cleaned.  I was going to go rent a machine and do it myself but I'm getting to old for that.  My highschool friend Greg W recommended I call Mr. Steam.  Saturday morning will work perfectly for me.  Great job, Dennis.  I'm very happy with that."  Cleaned LR, DR, 2 BRs, Hallway: $210.00

Dorothy B on Spring Hill Drive in Middleton Wisconsin 6/7/17  3rd appt. since 2011
"You've cleaned my sofas a couple times in the past and they're looking like they need another cleaning.  They look very nice, nice and bright.  Thank you for another good job."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat:$135.00

Alla B on Bear Clew Way in Middleton Wisconsin 5/22/17  New Customer

"We're moving out and we want to get our carpets cleaned.  You can come out and look at it and give me a price.  Let's go ahead with it.  Wonderful!  That looks amaxing, so much better.  Thank you."  Cleaned 2 GRs, 2 Staircases: $345.00

Mary F on Bishops Court in Middleton Wisconsin 5/17/17  6th appt. since 2014
"I want to have my livingroom rug cleaned again.  My husband spilled a cup of coffee on it, and there's some soil spots over by the fireplace.  That looks amazing.  Thank you for getting me in so fast."  Cleaned Custom Rug: $105.00

Donne S on Blue Aster Trail in Middleton Wisconsin 4/3/17  2nd appt. in 2017
"I'm putting my house on the market and and I have some spots from my dog and up the staircases that I'm hoping to have cleaned.  The carpets look very nice.  I appreciate your professionalism and timliness in getting this done for me so fast.  Thank you."  Cleaned GR, BR, 2 Staircases, Rug: $255.00

Mary F on Bishops Court in Middleton Wisconsin 2/17/17  5th appt. since 2015
"I have some spots and spills from the kids on my livingroom rug, and I'd like you to come and clean it for me.  Nice!  All those spots came out.  Wonderful!  Thanks, Dennis."  Cleaned 15x18 Rug: $105.00

Lindsey K on Willow Trail in Middleton Wisconsin 2/13/17  5th appt. since 2011
"I need my rug cleaned again.  You guys have cleaned it several times in the past.  Looks fantastic.  Thank you.  Have a nice day."  Cleaned 8x10 Rug: $67.50

5-STAR Google Review: Melvin L on North Highpoint Road in Middleton 1/21/17 New Customer
"Great service! We had vomit stains on carpet and couch from one child. The next day called up Dennis and he was able to fit us in for the same day. He was professional and we were very happy with the results. I would recommend him to anyone and we will be using his services again in the future." Cleaned LR, Sofa, Loveseat: $240.00

Francine E on Lily Lane in Middleton 1/18/17 17th appt. since 2002
"Hi Dennis. We're in a new condo now and I want to have my livingroom and bedroom cleaned because of our dog. Oh, that looks nice. Everything looks nice. Thank you for getting me in so fast." Cleaned FR, BR, Staircase: $240.00

Stephanie C on Ramsey Road in Middleton 1/13/17 2nd appt. since 2016
"You cleaned for us last year and it's time to have some rugs and upholstery cleaned again because my daughter is a little messmaker. I'm so happy those stains came out. Good job. Very nice. Thank you, thank you." Cleaned 2 Sofas, 2 Rugs: $270.00


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