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Natasha C on Concord Drive in Oregon Wisconsin 1/9/19  New Customer
"We're looking to have our carpets cleaned here in our restaurant.  We've had it cleaned by another company and weren't too satisfied, so we want to give another company a shot.  Your price looks good, so when can we do it. I'm really impressed with what you can do.  The carpet hasn't looked this good in more than a year.  I appreciate your hard work.  Thank you."  Cleaned Entry, 2 DRs: $300.00

Anna Gannon on Ridge View Lane in Oregon Wisconsin 10/20/18  2nd Appointment
"I'm calling to see if youu can clean a livingroom carpet for me today.  You can be here in an hour?  Wonderful!  I'll pick things up before you get here.  The dog got into something an the carpet really stinks.  The carpet looks great.  Nice!  I have your 25% Off coupon here, if I can use that.  Thank you for the incredible service."  Cleaned GR: $150.00

Greg B on Washington Street in Oregon Wisconsin 3/2/18  New Customer
"I just bought some used furniture and I want to have them professionally cleaned as soon as possible.  Friday morning works well for me.  I Google-searched Mr. Steam on my Iphone.  You were the only company that answered your telephone with a live person.  Everything looks very good.  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned Sofa, Chair Rug: $ 135.00

Linda F on Blue Heron Way in Oregon Wisconsin 2/27/18  2nd appt. Since 2016
"Hi Dennis.  I want to make an appointment for you come and clean some carpets for me again.  You cleaned the downstairs for me last time, and this time I want you to also clean the upstairs.  The cats really made a mess in places, and the shed all over.  I recommend you to my friends.  When you find someone who does a good job, you stick with them.  The carpets look nice, very nice.  Better than I thought they ever would again.  Thank you Dennis."  Cleaned GR, 3 BRs, 2 Staircases, 2 Rugs: $540.00

Aaron N on Connemara Lane in Oregon Wisconsin 12/27/17  New Customer
"I fell asleep and spilled class of beer on our familyroom sofa and I want to have someone come out and clean it to get rid of any stains and odors.  Wednesday morning is good for me.  I found Mr. Steam on my computer and you were the first one I called who sounded like they knew what they were talking about.  That worked real nice.  That's just what I wanted.  Thank you."  Cleaned Sectional parts: $75.00

Arlan S on Alan Drive in Oregon Wisconsin 11/24/17  New Customer
We want to have our carpets cleaned and I'm looking to know how much that will cost.  When can you do it?  We have a dog but he's pretty clean, just a little odor.  Everything looks and smells wonderful.  Thanks for coming out on Black Friday."  Cleaned LR, DR, Hallway, 3 BRs: $255.00

Rebecca M on Schneider Drive in Oregon Wisconsin 11/13/17 3rd appt. since 2015
"We need our annual carpet cleaning and I'm checking what openings you might have before Thanksgiving.  You do such a good job.  The last cleaners we had in here looked like they didn't know what they were doing.  I'm happy we found you.  Thank you.  See you next year, I'm sure."  Cleaned 2 GRs, 3BRs, Staircase: $375.00.

Kristy S on Harding Street in Oregon Wisconsin 8/27/17  New Customer
"I need someone to come and clean my sofas, today if that's possible.  My dog vomited on them and it really stinks in here.  You can come today?  Fantastic!  They turned out wonderful.  I'm so impressed.  Thank you very much for coming on such short notice."  Cleaned 2 Sofas: $135.00

Mary O on Trail Ridge Court in Oregon Wisconsin 6/9/17  Many appts. since 2004
"I need my big bedroom cleaned if you have time this week.  I have your coupon again.  The carpets look very nice, nice and fresh again.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned 3 BRs: $225.00

Linda E on Robinson Road in Oregon Wisconsin 6/6/17  Many appts. since 2011
I need my livingroom and hallway carpets cleaned again.  I've got some bad spots around and it's time.  I'll leave the door open for you.  I hope you never retire because I really love the job you do."  Cleaned LR, Hallway: $105.00

Jeff K on Ash Street in Oregon Wisconsin 5/15/17 3rd appt. since 2015

"I want to make an appointment for my annual carpet cleaning.  I feel so much better when the house is clean.  I need the basement familyroom and the two kids' bedrooms cleaned this year.  I know there are some bad stains in there that may not all come out.  The carpets look very nice.  Good.  Thank you."  Cleaned FR, 2 BRs, Staircase: $225.00

Jane B on Janesville Street in Oregon Wisconsin 4/6/17  Many appts. since 2002
"I need to make an appointment for our unit in Oregon.  The painters are finishing up, so something at the end of this week will work.  That looks nice.  You saved it.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, BR, Staircase: $150.00

5-Star Google Review: Heidi U on Division Street in Brooklyn WI 1/12/17 New Customer
"They did a wonderful job! Available on short notice, and the 15 yr old carpet looks almost new again. They even managed to get out stains that I was sure wouldn't budge. Priced very reasonably and very efficient. Thank you Dennis!" Gleaned GR, 3 Hallways, Staircase, 3 BRs: $330.00

Scott C on Timber Ridge Drive in Oregon 1/4/17 New Customer
"Do you guys have any carpet cleaning deals going on? I need some rooms cleaned and some vomit spots on my sofa I want to have cleaned. How soon can you get here? 11:30 this morning would work very well for me. I like the process you guys use. It looks like it's doing a deeper cleaning job than the other company I had in here. Everything looks very nice, and it feels almost dry already. Thank you." Cleaned LR, BR, Hallway, Staircase, 2 Rugs, Sofa: $270.00


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