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Rebecca L on Sunset Drive in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 1/26/19  New Customer
"I'm visiting my daughter in Cottage Grove, and while helping her paint spilled some green paint in one of the bedrooms.  So I'm wondering what you charge to come and clean up my mess, and how soon scan you do it?  Saturday morning wold be perfect.  Wow, I can't believe you got that paint out.  I'm so happy.  Thank you."  Cleaned BR: $120.00

Kris N on Southing Grange in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 12/26/18  Customer since 2012
"Hi Dennis.  I'm calling to make an appointment to have our carpeting in our home cleaned again.  This time I want everything cleaned.  Wonderful.  Good job as usual."  Cleaned LR, DR, GR, BR, Staircase, Hallway: $555.00

Jeremy R on Pleasant View Heights in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 12/17/18  New Customer
"I'm shopping for a carpet cleaner to use here in my home.  I see you have 40 years experience and you have lots of good reviews.  I think I will give Mr. Steam a try this time.  The carpets turned out great, and the spots came out of the sofa.  Wonderful job.  Thanks Dennis."  Cleaned LR, Sofa: $165.00

Melissa G on Dublin Circle in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 10/20/18  New Customer
"I'm calling to make an appointment to have some bedrooms and a rug cleaned in my house in Cottage Grove.  I found you on Google, and I have your coupon for a discount.  I see you have good reviews, too.  The carpets look great.  Good job.  I'm glad I called Mr. Steam.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned Rug, 3 BRs: $210.00

Cathy M on Forreston Drive in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 11/14/18  New Customer
"We're moving out and my husband carried a printer down the stairs and dripped ink all the way.  We're showing the house and I need a carpet cleaner to come over as soon as possible and clean it up.  Today would be perfect.  That looks very nice.  Thank you for the fast service.  Have a nice day."  Cleaned Staircase: $45.00

Renee B on Lymrick Drive in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 10/1/18  3rd appt. in 2018
"My dogs made a couple of messes in my bedrooms, if you have time.  Wow, it would be great if you could come right over.  I'll be here.  The stains are all gone, and so is the odor.  Thank you so much for getting me in so fast.  That was wonderful.  Thank you."  Cleaned 2 BRs: $120.00

Elizabeth S on Lori Lane in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 9/27/18  New Customer
"I'm looking to have my carpets and how much it will cost.  Can I make an appointment with you?  We're selling our house and we're doing the staging now.  We've got kids and pets, so the carpets will need a good cleaning.  Everything looks great.  Thank you."  Cleaned 4 BRs, Staircase, Hallway: $225.00

Tim M on Sandpiper Traill in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 9/24/18  Many appts. since 1998
"Hello Dennis.  I need to make an appointment to have my carpets cleaned.  Monday would be perfect for me.  The dog is really hard on them, as you know.  The carpets look wonderful.  Thank you for getting me in so quickly.  That's great.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, DR, FR Staircase Hallway, BR: $315.00

Jenny P on Sunset Drive in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 9/21/18  Prior Customer
"My tenant's toilet ran over and left some water stains in the master bedroom.  I'd like you to come and try and get the stains out.  They came right out.  Thank you for the fast service, Dennis."  Cleaned BR: $60.00

Michael F on Sky High Road in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 9/8/18  2nd appt. since 2017
"I want to make an appointment to get my carpet cleaned again this year.  You did such a nice job last year.  It's been so wet and the dogs have been going in and out, so the carpet is filthy.  Wow!  You guys are amazing.  I can't believe how nice this turned out.  Thank you Dennis." Cleaned LR Hallway, Stairs: $195.00


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