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Sandy W on Damascus Trail in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 11/3/17  2nd Appt. since 2013
"You guys did such a nice job cleaning our carpets a few years ago, so now we're ready to have you back.  We have a dog, so we may need a little deodorizer.  The carpet looks fantastic.  I'm happy.  Here is your 25% off coupon I printed out.  Thank you for getting me in so fast.  Have a nice day."  Cleaned LR, Den Staircase: $165.00

Tracey C on West Lawn Avenue in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 9/8/17  2nd appt. since 2015
"We need our carpets cleaned again.  It's been a while, and they need it.  Everything looks very nice.  Thank you, dear."  Cleaned GR, Staircase, Hallway, 3 BRs: $270.00

Renee B on Limerick Drive in Cottage Grove 9/2/17  3rd appt. since 2016
"My dog snuck in the bedroom and peed again, so I need you to come and clean the carpet as soon as you can get here.  Tomorrow morning early will be perfect.  Thank you for coming so fast."  Cleaned BR $105.00

JZ on East School Road in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 8/31/17  New Customer
"I'm moving into a new house in Cottage Grove and I'm looking for a price and appointment time to clean all the carpeting before we move in.  Thursday works very good for me.  I'm surprised those stains came out.  I thought we'd have to live with them until we could afford to buy new.  I can see we're not going to need new carpets, for awhile anyway.  Good job.  Thank you."  Cleaned 2 GRs, 3 BRs, Hallway, Staircase: $465.00

Pradeep A on Limerick Drive in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 8/26/17  New Customer
We just moved into an apartment and the bedroom carpet really smells bad, like vomit, and we're looking to do something about it.  That smells much better.  I don't smell anything.  Thank you for your fast service.  Here's a tip for you."  Cleaned BR: $60.00

Michael F on Sky High Road in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 8/12/17  New Customer
"We've got some big dogs that have mad a mess of our carpets, so we need them cleaned.  I see you're a local company which is why I called Mr. Steam.  The carpets look amazing.  I'm really impressed.  Very nice.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, Hallway Staircase: $195.00

CleanedBrad and Kristy B on Green Grass Road in Cottage Grove Wisconsin  7th appt since 2006
"Hi Dennis.  I haven't called in a while because we replaced a bunch of carpet.  But we have a dog who's pretty hard on our carpet in the back room.  You can come Tuesday and let yourself in.  I called to say how nice the carpet turned out.  We're very happy with the cleaning.  Thank you."  Cleaned GR: $120.00

"Ron D on Morningside Drive in Deerfield Wisconsin 7/23/17 3rd appt. since 2015
"I need some carpeting cleaned as soon as possible, if that's possible.  You've cleaned this for me last year.  Sunday afternoon will work good for me.  The carpet turned out great.  What a difference.  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned LR, Hallway, Staircase, BR: $160.00

Tim M on Sandpiper Trail in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 7/1/17  Many appts. since 2002
"I need my carpets cleaned again.  When can you do it?  Thank you for the fast service.  Everything looks very nice.  Very good.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, DR, FR, Den, Office: $240.00

Roy G on West Medina Road in Deerfield Cottage Grove Wisconsin 4/26/17  New Customer

"I bought a big RV motorhome and I want to have the carpeting cleaned.  I'm going on a trip with it next week, so I need to have the work done as soon as possible, if you can.  I Googled for carpet cleaners in Cottage Grove.  I own a small business here too, so I always try to do business with local people.  The carpet cleaned up very nice.  Thank you for getting me in today."  Cleaned LR, Hallway, BR, Bathroom: $150.00

Rhea V on Cresthaven Drive in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 4/1/17  New Customer
"I have a sofa and chase lounge, and I want to have them cleaned.  Do you do that, and how much does it cost?  I'm looking on Google and I see your 25%-off coupon, which I want to use.  I have two dogs that drool on the microfiber fabric, and I have drool spots all over the cushions.  They cleaned up very nice.  I'm very happy with how they came out.  Good work.  Thank you.  Have a good day, sir."  Cleaned Sofa and Chase: $150.00

Heidi M on West Reynolds Street in Cottage Grove 12/9/16 New Customer
"I purchased a livingroom chair at a thrift store that has some spots on it that I want to see if a professional cleaner can get out for me. I Googled for upholstery cleaning in Cottage Grove, and I read your good reviews. Looks good! Have a merry Christmas." Cleaned Chair, Rug: $90.00

Jennifer R on Lindsay Way in Cottage Grove 12/7/16 New Customer
"I have a sofa and loveseat that need to be cleaned, and I'd like to go ahead and make an appointment. I found you on Google and I printed your coupon for 25% Off. Perfect! The sofas haven't looked this good in years. Thanks for coming so fast. This was the only day I had off work. Have a good day." Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat: $135.00

Jeff and Sue T on Alydar Way in Cottage Grove 11/22/16 14th appt. since 1995
"Our dog has been awful on the carpets, so we need you to come in again and clean before the holidays. Thanks Dennis, for getting me in today. This looks great. Have a great rest of your day, and happy early Thanksgiving." Cleaned BR, Staircase, Hallway: $135.00

Fred and Nancy S on Nadine Road in Cottage Grove 10/22/16 27th appt. since 1995
"Hi Dennis. It's time for our annual cleaning. When can we schedule something? We don't need to look through. It always looks good, smells good, feels good. It's always good to see you guys. Thank you." Cleaned FR, BR, 2 Hallways, Stasircase, 6 Rugs: $240.00

Tim M on Sandpiper Trail in Cottage Grove 9/30/16 20th appt since 1998
Google Review:
"The Winner is Mr. Steam!  Our carpet is 27 years old, but is a good grade of carpet and pad, and after 3 children and numerous dogs, they still look nice. For the first 15 years we used a variety of cleaners, and with varying results. Our 2 dogs , now 1 dog, is a factor for having the carpet cleaned 1 to 2 times a year. As the dogs age, the accidents become common occurances, and most of the previous carpet cleaners left residual pet stains in the carpet. We pretty much accepted it as a fact of life." Cleaned LR, DR, 2 FRs Office: $210.00

Emily F on Clearbrooke Terrace in Cottage Grove 9/6/16 New Customer
"We're selling our home in Cottage Grove and we want to clean all the carpets so it looks nice during the realtor showings. We can't be home during the cleaning but I can leave the key where you can find it. I just popped in there during lunch and the carpets look amazing. I thought everything looked great. Thank you." LR, Den, GR,4 BRs, 2 Staircases: $450.00

Leah E on Tanglewood Court in Cottage Grove /5/16 New Customer
"We're moving to a new house on the east side of Madison and we sold this one in Cottage Grove. The buyers know the carpets are in bad shape but we told them we would clean them anyway. I also want you to spruce up the two livingroom sofas while you're here. I really appreciate your holiday service. I'm more than happy to give you a good review. Thank you very much." Cleaned LR, FR, Staircase, 2 Sofas: $300.00

Joe T on Westlawn Circle in Cottage Grove 8/6/16 New Customer
"I have a soiled older chair we decided to keep, so I'm looking to have it cleaned. I Googled for upholstery cleaners in my area and found your company on line. I always prefer to use someone local over the big companies. The chair looks great. We'll get more use out of it now. Thank you. Have a great day." Cleaned Chair: $75.00

Cres L on Earlwyn Road in Cottage Grove 7/26/16 3rd appt. since 2004
"My mother has used your company before and since she passed away this spring, it's now my duty to take care of the house with my father. We had a small dog we just put down who piddled all over the house, so we'll need your best deodorization process. Wow. I can't believe it. The carpets look amazing, and it smells so nice in here. Thank you." Cleaned LR, BR, 4 Rugs: $345.00

Renee B on Limerick Drive in Cottage Grove 6/15/16 New Customer
"We just moved in to a house here in Cottage Grove and the carpets are only six months old. But our dog soiled in the office and we want to have that cleaned up by a professional. I Googled for carpet cleaner companies in the area and found Mr. Steam LLC. We also need an evening appointment if that is possible. Good job. That's perfect. Just what we needed. Thank you very much." Cleaned Office: $75.00

Deborah S on Glenn Drive in Cottage Grove 5/2/16 6th appt. since 2003
"I'd like to get my furniture cleaned again, along with the basement familyroom carpet when you have an oppening. Monday works for me. Thank you for getting all my cat hair out. That looks very good. Thank you." Cleaned Sofa Sectional, Chair, FR, BR: $285.00

Ann A on Coyle Parkway in Cottage Grove 2/25/16 2nd appt. since 2015
"My son vomited on my carpet last night and I need someone to come and clean it up for me. It was a hamburger and a strawberry milkshake. I'm worried about getting the red color out, as well as the smelly vomit. That looks very good. I'm impressed. We had you in to clean our basement familyroom last year, and I save your number. Thank you. Thank you for the quick service." Cleaned Hallway, BR: $50.00

Liz H on Maria Way in Cottage Grove 1/30/16  New Customer
"My son vomited in his bedroom and I cleaned it up but I think I need a deeper cleaning than what I was able to do myself. A fellow teacher at school gave me your number and said to give you a call to see if you could do such a small job. Thank you for coming out on Saturday. That's just what we needed. Thank you very much." Cleaned BR Spot: No Charge

Jill G on North Parkview Street in Cottage Grove 1/28/16  New Customer
"I run a small business in town, so when I went looking for a carpet cleaner, I looked for one in Cottage Grove. I looked on Google and found Mr. Steam LLC and gave you a call. My kids are hard on the carpets and I have lots of spots around I'm hoping you can help me with. That looks amazing. The carpet looks like new again. I know it's not but it looks like it. This looks amazing. I want you to give me a price on cleaning my livingroom furniture before you leave. That looks very reasonable. I'll call you back in the spring. Thank you." Cleaned GR, Staircase, 4 BRs: $285.00

Scott S on Hawthorne Court in Cottage Grove 1/4/16
"I've got some dogs that piddle on the carpet and I need some cleaning done, this week if possible. I've tried myself but I need something more. I found you on the Internet. That works pretty good. I walked through and everything looks great. Thank you. Enjoy your day. Cleaned GR, MBR, Closet: $180.00


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