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Dick S on Parador Place in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 6/15/20  New Customer
"I have two units I rent out in Cottage Grove, and I want to have all the rugs cleaned before new tenants move in.  They turned out great, much better than the other company I had in here last time.  I'm very pleased with the job you did.  I'll keep your number handy for next time.  Thank you."

Meagan K on Melissa Lane In Cottage Grove Wiconsin 3/23/20  New Customer
"We're moving into a new house and we want to have all the carpets cleaned before we move the furniture in.  The previous owners had pets, so we hope you can treat the spots and odors they left behind.  Wow!  Very nice.  Very nice job guys.  I'm very happy with the results.  Thank you for coming so fast."

Kristi B on Greengrass Road in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 2/25/20  Repeat customer
"It's time for another carpet cleaning.  I've got 3 bedrooms and a spot in the familyroom.  Do you have any appointment openings this week.  Everything looks wonderful, as usual.  thank you for getting me in so fast.  Have a good day."

John L on Carriage Drive in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 2/12/20  New Customer
"I want to make an appointment for carpet cleaning in my home in Cottage Grove.  I like working with local businesses.  We have dogs who leave us occasional messes, and there may be some pet hair around.  The carpets look wonderful.  They turned out great.  Thank you so much for the great service."

Kathryn P on Wittewood Lane in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 1/14/20  Customer since 2013
"We've been very happy with your service in the past, and I'm calling to make an appointment for you to come and clean our house full of carpeting and furniture.  If I can get an appointment this week, that would be fantastic.  Great job,  thank you so much."

Sandra H on Progress Drive in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 11/4/19  New Customer
"I found your business listing on Google, and I want to schedule an appointment for some carpet cleaning in Cottage Grove.  I've got a few spots around but it's not in bad condition overall.  That looks very nice, better than I expected.  Thank you very much."

Kari Z on American Way in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 11/7/19  New Customer
"I need a few areas of carpet and a runner to cleaned.  Is this something you can do yet this week?  I looked things over like you said and everything looks very good.  I'm very satisfied with your work."

Tim M on Sandpiper Trail in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 10/24/19  Customer since 1998
"I had some water in the basement from all the rain we've had lately.  I dried it out, but the carpet feels a little crunchy, and I don't want any lingering odors.  That looks very nice, nice and clean again.  Thanks for coming so fast."  Cleaned FR, Office: $150.00

Jenifer L on West Clover Lane in Cottage Grove Wisconsin  9/10/19  New Customer
"I see your listing on Google and I want to make an appointment to have all the carpeting cleaned here at my house in Cottage Grove.  I've got two dogs so I may need some deodorizer used as well.  The carpets really look nice.  And the odor is gone too.  I have your 25% Off Coupon for my discount.  Thank you for a fantastic job."  Cleaned LR, 3 BRs, Hallway, Staircase: $325.00

Michael F on Sky High Road in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 8/14/18  3rd Appointment
"I'd like to make an appointment to have my livingroom cleaned.  The same thing you've done for us before.  I can't believe what you're able to do with our terribly soiled carpeting.  Thank you for another great job, above and beyond."  Clean, Hallway: $195.00

Lisa A on Reynolds Street in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 7/9/19 New Customer
"My son pees on the carpet in the livingroom and I need to have it professionally cleaned.  I Googled for local cleaners and Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning came up on my Iphone.  That turned out really nice, better than I expected.  Thank you for coming."  Cleaned LR: $120.00

Mike L on American Way in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 4/4/19  New Customer
"I've got some large rooms in my basement that had some water damage and I want to go ahead and make an appointment to have you come in and clean for us.  You don't have to move the large pieces of furniture.  The carpets look real, real nice.  They look new again.  Here is your coupon for 25% off my bill.  Thank you for coming.  We'll keep your number handy for next time."  Cleaned Basement GR: $180.00

Linda and Duane Olson on Westlawn Drive in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 3/14/19  2nd Appointment
"Good morning Dennis.  This is Linda Olson.  Our son's dog was here for a visit and pooped on the carpets, so I want you to come and clean for us.  I also want you to clean the upholstered furniture in the livingroom.  The carpets and upholstery cleaned beautifully.  All the dog spots are gone.  You did a fantastic job.  Thank you, thank you"  Cleaned LR, BR, Hallway, Sofa, Loveseat, Chair: $240.00

Terry H in Grove Street in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 2/24/19  New Customer
"I had some snowmelt seep into my basemnt and I have puddles of water in my downstairs familyroom.  Can you come out and suck it out for me.  You're 30 minutes away?  That would be fantastic.  Your machine is doing the job, for sure.  I'm happy with that.  Thank you for the quick response.  Can you give me a bid on more cleaning while you're here?"  Cleaned FR: $120.00

Jenny P on Sunset Drive in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 2/15/19  4th Appoinment
"I have tenants moving out, so I want to make an appoointment to get you in here to clean all the carpets.  You've done work for me before, and I've always been happy with your work.  Thank you for getting me in today."  Cleaned BR, Hallway, 3 Staircases:$165.00

Rebecca L on Sunset Drive in Cottage Grove Wisconsin 1/26/19  New Customer
"I'm visiting my daughter in Cottage Grove, and while helping her paint spilled some green paint in one of the bedrooms.  So I'm wondering what you charge to come and clean up my mess, and how soon scan you do it?  Saturday morning wold be perfect.  Wow, I can't believe you got that paint out.  I'm so happy.  Thank you."  Cleaned BR: $120.00


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