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Judy D on Comanche Way in Madison Wisconsin 11/29/18 Customer since 1996
"Hello Dennis.  We're ready for our annual carpet cleaning, if you can get us in this week.  This time we want all the carpets cleaned.  Everything looks great as usual.  Here is your coupon.  Thank you for getting us in."  Cleaned LR, 2 FRs 2 Hallways, 3 BRs: $510.00

Sharon H on Advent Road in Fort Atkinson Wisconsin 11/26/18  New Customer
"I want to go ahead and make an appointment to have two rooms of carpet cleaned.  My sister recommended I call Mr. Steam after you did such a good job for her a couple weeks ago.  She also told me where I can find your coupon on line for 25% off my cleaning order.  Boy, that turned out nice.  I never thought it could look that good.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, FR: $225.00

Victor R on Aurora Avenue in Fitchburg Wisconsin 10/24/18  New Customer
"I got some furniture out of storage and I want to have it professionally cleaned.  I found you on my Iphone, and I see your coupon for the discount offer.  They look very good, and they smell much better.  Good job.  Thank you very much.  I'll be sure to call you again."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat: $165.00

Beth H on Winnequah Road in Monona Wisconsin 11/23/18  New Customer
"I found Mr. Steam carpet cleaning on line, and I see you're a local company.  I want to have my livinngroom and one sofa cleaned as soon as possible.  My 4 cats can make a real mess of things.  The carpet and sofa look very, very nice.  I'm glad I found you."  Cleaned LR, Hallway, Sofa: $195.00

Brian R on West Wilson Street in Madison Wisconsin 11/17/18  New Customer
"I want to get my dirty sofa cleaned, and I have one of your coupons for a 25% discount.  I can do Saturday if that works for you, because I work during the week.  That looks great.  It cleaned up real nice.  And it feels almost dry.  Good.  Here's my card."  Cleaned Large sofa: $120.00

Carolyn H on Harrimann Lane in Madison Wisconsin 11/10/18  New Customer
I want to have two sofas cleaned because of my dog.  I also have a rug, if you can clean that too.  I'm looking for what that will cost.  I have a big dog, so things get dirty around here fast.  The sofas look perfect.  Beautiful.  I'm happy to give you a review.  Thank you."  Cleaned 2 Sofas, Rug: $255.00

Chris E on East Dayton Street in Madison Wisconsin 11/6/18  New Customer
"I have tenants who just moved out and I need to get the carpets in the unit cleaned as soon as possible.  Tomorrow morning would be perfect.  I have your 25%-Off coupon here, if you want me to print it out.  The carpets look great, and ready for a new tenant.  That worked out very nice.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, DR, Staircase, BR: $180.00

Daniel and Anne Olson on Old Sauk Road in Madison Wisconsin 10/27/18  2nd Appointment
"I want to make an appointment to have my basement familyroom and staircase carpet cleaned.  It's not in bad shape but I've got some traffic areas that have gotten stained.  I have your 25% discount coupon printed out here.  The carpet looks great.  You guys always do such nice work.  Good job!  Thank  you."  Cleaned FR, Staircase: $180.00

Angel Beyers on Mansion Hill Avenue in Madison Wisconsin 10/26/18  New Customer
"I've been training a new puppy and I've got some pee spots on my livingroom carpet.  My realtor recommended I call Mr. Steam because of the good work you do for him.  Oh, the carpet looks very nice.  I'm real happy with that.  Thank you so much."  Cleaned LR: $120

Kevin L on Park Heights Court in Madison Wisconsin 10/25/18  New Customer
"I'm moving out of my apartment and I'm required to have the carpets cleaned in the livingroom and bedrooms.  It's got some stains that I'm concerned whether they will come out or not.  That looks fantastic.  No more stains.  Wonderful!  Thank you."

Victor R on Aurora Avenue in Fitchburg Madison Wisconsin 10/24/18  New Customer
"What will it cost to get a couple sofas cleaned.  I found you online and I see your discount coupon at your website.  They're not in bad condition, but I do have cats, so there's some cat hair and other spots.  They look great, much better.  I'm happy with that.  Thank you guys."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat: $165.00

Casey Z on North Sherman Avenue Cherokee Condos Madison Wisconsin 10/24/18  New Customer
"I'm looking to have my carpet cleaned in my condo on the east side.  I have cats and I have some spots I can't seem to get out.  I found you on Google on my computer.  That looks great.  I'm really impressed.  The spots disappeared.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, DR, SR: $270.00

Loan Max on East Washingtom Avenue in Madison Wisconsin 10/19/18 New Customer
"We have a commercial area and we need an estimate to have the carpet cleaned as soon as possible.  We have some stains we're not sure are going to come out or not.  We like your bid and want to go ahead and schedule an appointment.  That looks real good.  The stains are all gone.  Amazing!  Thank you.  Have a nice day."  Cleaned Retail, Office: $225.00

Monique H on Northport Drive in Madison Wisconsin 10/16/18  New Customer
"I have a large sofa and matching loveseat that's pretty dirty, and I'd like to get it professionally cleaned.  I saw your prices on your website and I have your coupon printed out here.  That turned out real nice.  I'm impressed with what you were able to do.  Thank you."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat: $150.00

Susan Y on Friar Lane on Madison Wisconsin 10/09/18  Customer since 2014
"I need to make an appointment to clean some carpeting here, this week if possible.  It's the same areas you've cleaned for me before.  I don't have to look things over.  You always do such a nice job.  Thank you for getting me in so fast."  Cleaned DR, BR: $150.00

Wesley G on Copernicus Way in Madison Wisconsin 10/08/18  New Customer
"I'm looking for how much it will cost to clean my livingroom.  I just trained a puppy, so I've got some odor and spots, if you think you can get that out.  I like your process.  That's really doing a deep down cleaning.  than should do it.  Everything looks good." Cleaned LR, Staircase, Landing: $140.00 

Jeanette R on North Roby Road in Madison Wisconsin 9/19/18  5th appt. since 2007

"You've cleaned for me before.  I want a staircase and some furniture cleaned whenever you can get me in.  I don't have to look things over.  I know you always do such a nice job.  I feel better already.  Thank you."  Cleaned Staircase, Sofa, 4 Chairs, Ottoman: $300.00

Linda B on Orchard Drive in Madison Wisconsin 9/7/18  10th appt. since 2010
"Hello Dennis.  I'm ready for another carpet cleaning.  Friday at 8:00 works good for me.  I've got some messes around, as you can see.  My cats are put away so they don't bother you.  The carpets look wonderful, as usual.  Thank you for coming today."  Cleaned LR, FR, BR, Staircase: $300.00

Claire K on West Doty Street in Madison Wisconsin 9/4/18 2nd appt. since 2017
"I need my uphostered sofas cleaned again.  My cats have been getting on them and shedding.  You did such a nice job for me last time.  They look very good.  I'm happy with that.  Thank you."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat, 4 Stools: $210.00

Susan F on East Pass in Madison Wisconsin 9/2/18  New Customer
"I need to have some carpeting cleaned in my basement, some time soon if you can.  Thanks for coming so fast.  The carpet looks fantastic, just what I wanted.  That's a relief.  Thank you."  Cleaned Basement: $75.00

Dr. Jeff K on Lake Mendota Drive in Madison Wisconsin 8/24/18  6th appt. since 2016
"Hello Dennis.  We have water in the basement from all that rain we got and I'm hoping you can come by soon and help us get things dried out.  I'm happy with that.  The stains and watermarks are all gone.  Good.  Thank you so much.  You're a lifesaver."  Cleaned 2 GRs Office, BR: $405.00

Mrs. Ved P on Nautilus Drive in Madison Wisconsin 7/23/18  6th appt. since 2008
"Good morning, Dennis.  You been cleaning for us a long time.  I want to make an appointment.  It's good to see you again.  Oh, the carpets all wonderful.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned LR, BR, Hallway, Staircase: $180.00

Jane H on Blue Iris Way in Madison Wisconsin 7/20/18  4th appt. since 2009
"It's time again for another carpet cleaning.  We always like the job you do for us.  The carpet looks wonderful.  Even those stains came out.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned LR, DR, Hallway 2 Staircases: $225.00


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