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Carol W on Lakewook Boulevard in Madison Wisconsin 10/10/19  New Customer
"I have three rooms and a staircase in my home that I want the carpets cleaned in.  I saw your prices on line and I just want to make an appointment to do the cleaning.  Everything looks great.  I like working with local businesses, and I like your reviews.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned LR, Porch, BR, Staircase: $270.00

Juan L on Yahara Place in Madison Wisconsin 10/4/19  New Customer
"I need to have my basement family room cleaned as soon as possible.  I saw your listing on Google and I like your reviews.  That turned out very nice.  Thank you for the fast service today.  It worked perfect for me."  Cleaned FR, Staircase: $180.00

Diane L on Robin Hood Way in Madison Wisconsin 10/2/19  New Customer
"I have cats and dogs and my carpets are a mess, so they're in need of a good cleaning.  Wow!  I can't believe it!  What a wonderful job you did.  My carpets haven't looked this good in years.  Thank you, thank you."  Cleaned LR, Hallway, Staricase: $240.00

Hellen C on Lane Street in Madison Wisconsin 8/26/19  New Customer
"I'm looking on my Iphone for a carpet cleaning company to come out and clean for me as soon as possible.  I made an appointment with another company and they just called and cancelled.  The carpets look great.  Even the cat hair came out.  I should have called you to start with.  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned LR, DR, Hallway: $225.00

Emily W on Bull Run in Madison Wisconsin 8/26/19  New Customer
"We're bringing our old sofa up from the basement, and it's covered with cat hair.  I'm hoping you can rescue it for us so we can get more use out of it.  Wow!  I can't believe how good it looks.  I'm very impressed.  I'll be happy to recommend you."  Cleaned Sofa $120.00

Stanley W on Vernon Road in Madison Wisconsin 8/17/19  New Customer
"We're due here for a good carpet cleaning, and I'm wondering what your prices are for cleaning a livingroom, a familyroom and a hallway.  Our only availability for an appointment is Saturday, when we're not working.  The carpets look very nice, especially through these traffic areas that were so bad from the dog.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned LR, FR, Hallway: $210.00

Adam S on South Hancock Street in Madison Wisconsin 8/5/19  New Customer
"I'm moving in to an apartment downtown and they didn't clean the carpets for me, so I'll have to do it myself before I move my things in.  I really appreciate your getting me in so fast.  I found you on Google."  Cleaned BR Hallway: $105.00

Caroline W on East Washington Avenue in Madison Wisconsin 7/28/19  New Customer
"I'm moving out of my apartment and we need to have carpeted bedrooms professionally steam cleaned before we can get our security deposit back.  Sunday morning would be ideal.  The carpets look wonderful.  Great job.  Thanks so much for the fast service."  Cleaned 2 BRs: $150.00

Debby M on Wood Haven Way in Fitchburg Wisconsin 7/19/19  2nd Appointment
"You cleaned for me before, and I need some carpeting, a rug, and some chairs cleaned.  Things aren't in very bad shape, but there are a few spots around that should come out.  Very nice.  Everything looks great.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned Den, BR, Rug, 6 Chairs: $420.00

Lori S on Arbor Drive in Madison Wisconsin 7/13/19  New Customer
"I found you on Google on my phone, and I read your good reviews.  When can you come and clean my carpets?  Saturday morning is perfect for me.  You're amazing.  That's wonderful.  Thank you so much."  Cleaned LR, BR, Hallway, Bath: $150.00

Sharon and Dennis H on Snowcap Trail in Madison Wisconsin 7/11/19  Customer since 2011
"It's about time we get our carpets cleaned again, and we know just who to call.  Mr. Steam always does the best job for us.  Thank you.  See you next time."  Cleaned LR, FR, 2 Staircases: $225.00

Jackie B on Jeffy Trail in Madison Wisconsin 7/10/19  New Customer
"I'm looking for someone to clean our sectional sofa.  The person we got it from had cats, and my husband is allergic to cat dander.  I found you listed on Google, so you're the first company I called.  When can you come?  The sofas look great, like new again.  Thanks alot for the quick service."  Cleaned 3-piece Sofa Sectional" $150.00

Mark S on West Main Street in Madison Wisconsin 6/25/19  New Customers
"I just bought a new condo downtown and I need to have some carpet cleaned.  Tuesday morning will work perfect for me.  I found you on my Iphone and have your 25%-off coupon.  Great job.  I'm good to go."  Cleaned BR, Bath, Closets, Rug: $210.00

Marcia S on Yosemite Trail in Madison Wisconsin 6/14/19  New Customer
"I'm putting my house on the market and I need to have my carpets cleaned.  How quickly can you do it.  Tomorrow works good for me.  That's wonderful service.  I'm glad I found you.  Thanks so much."  Cleaned 2 BRs, Staircase, Hallways: $225.00

Korey S on Dixon Street in Madison Wisconsin 6/11/19  New Customer
"We have a sofa sectional that out cat has been peeing on, and we'd like a professional cleaner to come and try and get that out.  Thank you for coming today.  The sectional looks wonderful, and you took care of the cat odor.  That's great.  Thank you for the good job." Cleaned Sofa-Chaise Sectional: $135.00

Jennifer P on Easley Lane in Madison Wisconsin 6/8/19 New Customer
We're putting our house on the market and want to spruce up the carpets befor we show.  Our neighbor gave us your name.  The carpets look great.  Thank you very much"  Cleaned LR, 3 BRs, Hallway: $200.00

Kathy B on Poplar Creek Drive in Madison Wisconsin 5/25/19  New Customer
"I had some work done on my condo, and now I need my carpets cleaned before I move my furniture back in.  I'm delighted you can come right away.  I Googled carpet cleaners and you were the third on the list.  I called the other two but all I got was their answering machines.  How frustrating.  I was so happy to talk to a real person.  The carpet looks wonderful, and I'm happy to recommend Mr. Steam.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, DR, 2 BRs, Hallway: $285.00

Jerry and Gloria S on Nutone Court in Fitchburg Wisconsin 5/16/19  2nd Appointment
"We're moving out and have our house on the market.  We're having an open house in here this weekend and we want to get the carpets looking clean and nice.  You cleaned for us before and we were very happy. They turned out so nice the new owners won't need to replace them now.  Thank you for the good job, Dennis."  Cleaned LR, 3 BRs,Porch, Staircase: $405.00

Joe and Lori H on Capitol Avenue in Madison Wisconsin 5/15/19 Customer since 2004
"I want to make an appointment for you to come and clean our carpets again.  I know it's been a while, so things have gotten pretty bad.  We're glad you guys are still in business.  Everything looks great, fantastic!  Thank you very much.  See you next time."  Cleaned FR, 7 Rugs, Sofa Sectional: $450.00

Tori V on Patriot Drive in Madison Wisconsin 5/4/19  New Customer
"I need to have my carpets cleaned.  I found you on Google, on my Iphone.  I have a cat, so there's a lot of pet hair around.  And there's some stains that were here before I moved in.  The carpets look wonderful.  I'm happy I called.  Thank you for the fast service, Dennis."  Cleaned LR, FR, Staircase: $240.00

Alan R on Riverside Drive in Madison Wisconsin 4/29/19  New Customer
"I want to make an appointment to have some carpets and furniture cleaned.  I saw your website and read your good reviews.  Everything looks great, turned out real good.  Here's your coupon for my discount.  Thank you.  Good service."  Cleaned FR, Hallway, Staircase, Rug, Sofa, Chair: $375.00

Alisia J on North Livingston Street in Madison Wisconsin 4/28/19  New Customer
"I had a party here in my apartment last night and one of my guests vomited red wine on my sofa and rug, and I'm looking for a company that can come in and clean it up as soon as possible.  If you can come tomorrow morning, that would work well for me.  I can't believe you got those stains out.  I thought they were permanent.  That's a miracle.  Thank you for coming out on Sunday."  Cleaned Sofa, Rug spots: $90.00

Ellen S on Hillview Terrace in Madison Wisconsin 4/26/19  Customer since 2002
"I'm ready for my annual carpet cleaning, if you can get me in.  The carpets look wonderful again.  Thank you so much."  Cleaned LR, DR, Hallway: $210.00

Patrick S on Hwy MM in Fitchburg Wisconsin 4/23/19  New Customer
"I live in a second floor apartment and my carpeting is in very bad shape.  I'm hoping to find someone to come in and see what can be done to get this clean again.  I found you on line.  The carpets turned out wonderful.  That did the trick.  Thank you very much, Dennis."  Cleaned LR, Hallway, BR: $150.00

Michelle R at 841 Jupiter Drive in Madison Wisconsin 4/8/19  New Customer
"My dog must have eaten something he shouldn't have and I've got loose dog poo on my sofa and carpet.  I cleaned up as much as I could myself but I want to get a professional in here to finish the job.  That looks great.  No more spots or odors.  Great!"  Cleaned BR, Sofa: $75.00

Susan G on Memphis Avenue in Madison Wisconsin  4/6/19  New Customer
"I'm expecting a new baby any day now and I want to have some things around the professionally steam cleaned.  Thank you so much for coming in on Saturday.  I'm happy with the work you do."  Cleaned Staircase, 3 Rugs, Sofa, Loveseat: $360.00

Victon R on Nobel Drive in Fitchburg Wisconsin 4/3/19  Second Appointment
"You cleaned my furniture about a year ago and I was very happy, so I'm in a new apartment now and I want to have everything cleaned again.  There's lot's of cat hair but otherwise they're still in good condition.  Good job.  The furniture looks fantastic."  Cleaned Sofa, 2 Loveseats:$225.00


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