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Shawn F on Featherwood Pass in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 11/9/17  2nd appt. since 2016
"Mr. Steam cleaned our carpets last year and we were very happy.  so I want to make another appointment to do the livingroom and hallways again.  The carpets look great, and they smell so much better.  Thank you very much, Dennis."  Cleaned LR, 2 Hallways: $135

Heide H on School Street in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 9/15/17  New Customer
"I want to have my carpeting in my condo cleaned and I see you have a coupon for 25% off that I printed out.  I walked through and everything looks very nice, just what I wanted.  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned LR, 2 BRs, Hallway, Staircase: $225.00

Tyler M on Atcheson Avenue in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 9/11/17  New Customer
"Or dog did a number in our lower familyroom, and I need somebody to come out and clean up the carpet as soon as you can get here.  That sure looks good.  It doesn't stink in here anymore.  Thank you for the fast service."  9/11/17  Cleaned FR Spots: $75.00

Erin F on Featherwood Pass in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 6/29/17  2nd appt. since 2015
"A teacher I work with recommended Mr. Steam a couple years ago, and I was very happy with your workmanship on my carpets.  They look very nice.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, Hallway: $150.00

Jamie S on Don Simon Drive in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 6/25/17 New Customer
"I  hired a carpet cleaning company to come in today and clean my carpets, but they just called and cancelled.  So I'm looking for a carpet cleaner who can come out right away because I have all the furniture moved out and I need help.  I found you on my computer and I have one of your coupons for 25% off.  I think you did a great job.  Thank you very much for the fast service.  I'm sure we'll be calling you again.  Have a great day."  CleanedLR, Den, Staircase: $150.00

Parik A on Selkirk Drive in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 6/17/17  New Customer
"I have a new condo in Sun Prairie and the previous owners left the carpets pretty much trashed.  We're tearing out some of it but we want to try to save two of the bedrooms.  We're only available on Saturdays, if you can get us in.  The carpets turned out real nice, better then we expected they would.  Thank you for the good service."  Cleaned 2 BRs, Staircase: $150.00

Robin H on Pfeil Bend in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 6/13/17  New Customer
"We just bought a new house in Sun Prairie and we want to get all the carpets cleaned before the moving van gets here.  They're not in bad shape but we just want to get them freshened up.  That's perfect.  Thank you so much for your fast service."  Cleaned FR. 3 BRs, Hallway: $345.00

Lisa C on Kentville Drive in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 6/8/17  New Customer
"We're just moving here from the Chicagoland area and we don't know anyone yet.  We just closed on the house. and we need to have all the carpets cleaned. Beautiful.  Wonderful.  Nice job.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned GR, 3 BRs, Staircase, 2 Hallways: $330.00

Elinor C on Sawyer Way in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 6/5/17 New Customer
"I want to have my two bedrooms cleaned here in my condo.  Can you do it today?  Wonderful!  That looks so nice.  Thank you for the fast service today."  Cleaned 2 BRs: $120.00

Stephanie D on Blazing Star Lane in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 5/31/17  New Customer
"I have some livingroom furniture that we just moved across country and I need to have the sofa and a chair cleaned.  We moved from Oregon and we don't know anybody here, so I Googled on my Iphone and found Mr. Steam.  I like talking to a real person on the phone.  Thank you for the quick service.  Have a nice day."  Cleaned Sofa, Chair: $135.00

Cyrus M on Willowbrook Road in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 5/26/17 New Customer
"I'm looking to have a livingroom carpet cleaned in the next couple days if possible.  The store is delivering new livingroom furniture, and I thought it would be the best time to clean the carpet.  You can come over right away, really?  That wouild be excellent.  We tried Stanley a couple times and we weren't very happy.  Your process is so much better.  I just Googled for Sun Prairie carpet cleaning and you came up.  The carpet looks great.  Thanks for coming out so quick.  That was awsome.  We'll tell our friends."  Cleaned LR, BR, Hallway: 129.00

Penny D on Trapp Street in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 5/8/17  3rd appt. since 2014

"I know it's been more than a year since you were here last.  I want to add my staircase this time.  The carpeting looks very nice, and it's almost dry.  You got that bad spot out that I was most worried about.  I have your coupon here for 25% off.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, DR, FR, Hallway, Staircase: $225.00

Lisa K on White Tail Drive in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 4/24/17  New Customer
"I have some carpets with dog odor that I hope you can get out for me.  I found Mr. Steam on Google on my Iphone.  If you can come this morning, that would be great.  The carpets look great, and it smells so much better in here.  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned 4 BRs, Office, Staircase, Hallway: $255.00

Elizabeth H on Hillcrest Drive in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 4/1/17  New Customer
"Our dogs get on our sectional sofa and really make a mess, and I'm looking for a price and hoping you can clean it.  I'm only available on Saturday mornings, if you work on the weekends.  They look very nice, better than I thought was possible given the condition they were in.  Wow, nice.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned 3-Piece Sectional: $135.00

Amy S on Black Wolf Trail in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 3/30/17  New Customer
"I need some carpeting and bedrooms cleaned.  It's not in bad condition but I want to have it cleaned anyway.  A friend had you clean for her and she recommend your company.  The carpets look great, awsome.  Thank you."  Cleaned FR, Staircase, 3 BRs: $210.00

Mary L on Hillcrest Circle in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 3/28/17  New Customer
"I need some carpeted staircases, a rug and a La-Z-Boy recliner cleaned, and I was recommended to you by Angie's List.   Everything looks real good.  It's got more life left in it.  That turned out real good.  I'm glad I did it.  Now I'm ready for spring.  Thank you."  Cleaned 2 Staircases, Recliner, Rug: $195.00

Nancy B on Lorrabud Lane in Sun Prairie Wisconsin  4th appt. since 2013
"You've cleaned this livingroom rug for me in the past but my dog's been sick and threw up several times this week.  I tried cleaning it up myself but I need more help.  You guys do a great job.  I feel better now.  We'll have you back in the fall to do everything.  Have a great day."  Cleaned LR Rug: $105.00

Tom and Nancy W on Smithfield Drive in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 3/20/17  New Customer
"We've put our house in Sun Prairie on the market and our realtor Mike G recommend Mr. Steam because he said you clean his apartments when tenants move out and always do a fantastic job on the dirtiest carpets.  This looks very nice, especially where all the traffic patterns are.  Good job.  Now we're ready for the showings.  Thank you, Dick and Dennis."  Cleaned LR, DR, Porch, Hallway, Staircase: $195.00

Tamara K on Sawyer Way in Sun Prairie Wisconsin  2nd appt. since 2015
"You've cleaned for me in the past and I want you to clean my mothers house while she's away.  I like your cleaning technique.  You're so thorough.  That looks very nice.  My mother's going to be very please, I'm sure."  Cleaned LR, DR, BR, GR, Staircase, Hallway: $285.00

Reva S on Park Circle in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 3/16/17  New Customer
"I'm trying to get my livingroom furniture cleaned.  I've got a new baby, so there's a lot of milk and other spills on it.  The test cleaning turned out very good, so go ahead with the cleaning.  That turned out very good, even better than I thought it would.  I found you on my computer, and I have your coupon.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat, Recliner: $150.0

Karen J on Steward Drive in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 2/17/17  12th appt. since 2002
"Just when I think I'm going to get new carpets, I have Mr. Steam come in and my carpets look like new again.  Thanks, guys."  Cleaned LR, DR: $105.00

Marsha E on Willow Brook Trail in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 2/17/17  New Customer
We're moving out of our rental house and we need to have the carpets cleaned when we leave.  So I'm looking on my Iphone for a Sun Prairie carpet cleaning service.  I want you to come over and give me a written price.  I see your 25%-Off coupon here too.  I will leave a key for you and you can let yourselves in.  Thank you for the good service."  Cleaned LR, 4 BRs, Staircase, Hallway: $310.00

Nakia W on Tower Drive in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 2/6/17  New Customer
"My cat had a bloody paw and walked around my white familyroom carpet, leaving blood spots everywhere.  I'm hoping you can get that out for me.  I'll just have the whole room cleaned, and I have your coupon.  Nice.  All the blood spots came out.  I'm very pleased with what you were able to do.  And thank you so much for the fast service."  Cleaned FR: $105.00


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