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Sun Prairie Wisconsin Residential Carpet Cleaning Prices

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Living Room Carpet Cleaning Price: $80.00 to $120.00
$60.00 to $90.00 with a MR. STEAM LLC Carpet Cleaning Coupon

Family Room Carpet Cleaning: $80.00 to $120.00
$60.00 to $90.00 with a
MR. STEAM LLC Carpet Cleaning Coupon

Dining Room Carpet Cleaning Price: $40.00 to $80.00
$30.00 to $60.00 with a
MR. STEAM LLC Carpet Cleaning Coupon

Hallway Carpet Cleaning: $20.00 TO $60.00
$15.00 to $45.00 with a
MR. STEAM LLC Carpet Cleaning Coupon

Bed Room Carpet Cleaning: $40.00 to $80.00
$30.00 to $60.00 with a
MR. STEAM LLC Carpet Cleaning Coupon

Great Room Carpet Cleaning: $120.00 to $200.00
$90.00 to $150.00 with a
MR. STEAM LLC Carpet Cleaning Coupon

Staircase Carpet Cleaning: $40.00 to $60.00
$30.00 to $45.00 with a
MR. STEAM LLC Carpet Cleaning Coupon

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Sun Prairie Wisconsin Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews

Phone Call, Letter, E-Mail and On-The-Job Customer Comments and Reviews

MacKenzie M on Garden Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 7/27/16  2nd appt. since 2015
"You cleaned my loveseat last year and now I need my sofa cleaned.  They were in storage for about five years and they smell a little musty.  The sofa looks very nice. Thank you."  Cleaned Sofa: $105.00

Stephanie O on North Musket Ridge Drive in Sun Prairie 7/5/16  New Customer
"I have an old dog that's been making messes in the house and I want to have some carpet spots along with my sofa cushons cleaned.  I found you on Google when I searched for Sun Prairie cleaners, and I read your reviews.  That looks so much better.  The stains and odors are all gone.  Great.  Thank you for coming today."  Cleaned BR, Porch, Sofa, Chair: $150.00

5-Star Google Review 6/17: Jean Paul on Tam O'Shanter Trail in Sun Prairie 53590 6/9/16  "I had Mr. Steam do my love seat and sofa 2 weeks ago. water stains, spills, etc. on microfiber. WOW! They look brand new!! These pieces are over 10 years old. Very polite and professional guy, at my house right on time. I had them cleaned by a competitor a year ago, the results were not near as good. I will always hire Mr. Steam from now on. Thanks!."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat: $135.00

Michael s on Gayle Court in Sun Prairie 53590 5/23/16 New Customer

"We need our carpets and furniture cleaned and I'm looking at your website and if your prices are in the ballpark I want to go ahead and make an appointment.  We have cats so there's going to be some odors and pet hair around.  My wife found you guys on Google search engine, I'm pretty sure.  Everything looks great.  The carpets look very nice.  The furniture smells so nice.  Wow.  Thank you.  See you next time."  Cleaned LR, FR, Hallway, Sofa, Loveseat, 2 Chairs, Recliner:  $330.00

Byron P on Eddington Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 5/22/16  New Customer
"I'm moving in to a new home in Sun Prairie and I need some of the rooms cleaned sometime in the next few days.  Give me a price quote over the phone if you can do that for me, otherwise you can come out and look at it.  The previous owners had two monster dogs.  I just Googled Madison carpet cleaning and found your company listed there.  Everything looks great.  You guys do a nice job.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, DR, Office, 2 Staircases, 2 BRs: $300.00

Nancy H on Woodview Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 5/12/16  New Customers
"I have a bunch of furniture that I want to get cleaned.  I went looking on the Internet for a local upholstery cleaner and found you guys.  I saw your prices and everything looks reasonable to me.  I'd like to go ahead and make an appointment.  The furniture looks and smells wonderful.  I will highly recommend you guys.  Thank you for coming back so quickly after the power went off yesterday."  Cleaned 3 Sofas, Recliner, Chair, Stool: $300.00

Angie L on O'Keefe Avenue in Sun Prairie 53590 5/4/16 New Customer
"I looked on line for Sun Prairie area carpet cleaning and that's when I found you.  I read your reviews and so I called.  The carpet looks good.  Those bad food spills came right out.  Very good.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, BR: $120.00

Steve at Hyland Crossing on School Street in Sun Prairie 5/3/16  6th appt. since 2015

"You gave us the best price for cleaning our water damaged hallway, so you get the job.  That turned out nice.  Thank you for being so prompt."  Cleaned 400' Hallway: $120.00

Michelle R on Warner Street in Columbus 5/3/16 New Customer
"I looked on line for carpet cleaners in Columbus but found out there were none, so I tried Madison and found Mr. Steam LLC there.  I walked through and the carpets look very good.  I'm impressed.  Thank you for coming out."  Cleaned LR, Hallway, 2 BRs, 2 Staircases: $240.00

Jessica Z on Prairie Rose in Sun Prairie 5/2/16  New Customer
"I manage a rental house in Sun Prairie and we want to have all the carpets cleaned before we can rent it to new tenants.  The previous renters had dogs and kids, so the carpets have gotten very dirty.  I just Googled for carpet cleaners who service Sun Prairie and thought I'd give you guys a try.  The carpets turned out amazing.  I'm really impressed.  I'll  be sure to call Mr. Steam LLC in the future."  Cleaned LR, Hallway, Staircases, 3 BRs: $220.00

Mike T at Anytime Fitness in Columbus 4/28/16 10th appt. since 2010
"You guys always do such a nice job keeping our clubs looking great.  See you next time."

Glen and Karen M Blue Aster Boulevard in Sun Prairie 53590 4/25/16 New Customer
"My company owns some rental houses in the Sun Prairie area and we're looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets between tenants.  Our tenants are usually very good but this couple had a dog that didn't always get outside when it should have and we've got some spots here that will need special attention.  I like your process and will keep your number handy when we need you in the future.  Thank you for the great service."  Cleaned LR, 3 BRs, Staircase, Hallways: $255.00

Jackie S on Hensen Drive in Sun Prairie 4/8/16 2nd appt. since 2012
"I need my carpets cleaned and I think Mr. Steam is the company I've used before and I was very happy with the job.  So I need a price for cleaning my livingroom, an office, and my hallway and stairs.  It's a newer rug that is in good condition except for some wear the the traffic lanes.  The company that sold me the carpet said it was guaranteed against wear for ten years, so we'll see.  That looks very good.  I wish I could keep it looking that way.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned LR, Office, Staircase, Hallway: $165.00

Becky L on Vista Circle in Columbus 53925 4/1/16  New Customer
"I need to have my carpets cleaned and I found your listing on the Internet.  We're having a pary tonight and I'll tell my friends about you."  Cleaned LR, 3 BRs, Hallway Staircase: $195.00

Brent E on River Road in Columbus 4/1/16 New Customer
"This is my son's first house and I want to clean the carpets for him before he moves in.  I know the carpet's in rought shape but we don't want to replace it just yet.  I found you on the Internet when I Google for carpet cleaning.  Oh, the carpet looks good.  Very, very good.  So much better.  My son will be happy."  Cleaned LR, 3 BRs, Staircase, Hallway: $225.00

Steve at Hyland Park Senior Living on Liberty Boulevard in Sun Prairie 53590 5th appt. since 2015
"We have a new resident in our D buillding and we need the carpets cleaned before she moves in.  Good job.  It looks nice."  Cleaned LR, 2 BRs, Hallway: $225.00

Kevin F on Hummingbird Court in Sun Prairie 53590 3/28/16 New Customer
"Our sick dog pooped all over the familyroom downstairs and it really stinks, so I need help fast.  Later today if you can get here would be wonderful.  Plus, we have some rugs and upholstery we need cleaned as long as you're here.  I found you when I Googled for carpet cleaning in sun Prairie.  You guys are doing a great job.  Everything looks very good.  Thanks for the fast service.  You're a real lifesaver."  Cleaned GR, BR, 3 Rugs, Sofa, Loveseat, Chase: $350.00

Mellanie at Hyland Park Senior Living on Liberty Boulevard in Sun Prairie 53590 3/22/16 4th appt. since 2015
"We have 3 empty apartments we need to have cleaned.  Mr. Steam LLC is always here promptly and always does such a nice job cleaning our carpets.  Thank you Dennis."  Cleaned 3 2BR Apartments: $540.00

Melanie M on Quail Court in Sun Prairie 53590 3/21/16 22nd appt. since 1993
"We're ready for our spring cleaning.  We have some new dog spots and hair that need to be cleaned out.  I have your coupon again.  Everything looks very clean again.  Thank you guys.  See you next time.  Cleaned GR, Hallway Staircase, BR: $210.00

Tami L on Laura Street in Sun Prairie 53590 3/5/16 New Customer
"I have my livingroom furniture I want to have cleaned Saturday morning, if you're available.  Your price quote sounds perfect.  It was good that you could come so quickly.  Cool.  I found you when I Googled for steam cleaning.  We like doing business with local people.  The furniture looks great, like new.  They were heavily used, I know.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat, Chase: $150.00

Chamora P on South Bird Street in Sun Prairie 3/2/16 New Customer
"I'm pregnant and due any day, and I want to have my furniture cleaned before I deliver.  I found your company on line and I'm calling to see what you charge for a sofa, loveseat and recliner.  That's all?  I'd like to set up and appointment as soon as you can do it.  Tomorrow morning would be wonderful.  Yeah!  Yes!  You guys did a great job.  You guys have a good day.  Thank you."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat, Recliner: $135.00

Brianna S on Buena Vista Drive in Sun Prairie 2/23/16 New Customer
"I rented a steam cleaner and I'm trying to clean my carpets myself, but I'm not having any luck.  So I think I need a professional to come in and do it.  I just Googled for Sun Prairie carpet cleaning services and found you there. I have an appointment at 9:30, so if you can come in and do the cleaning right away in the morning, I'll be ready for you.  I had a sick dog that bled in spots on my livingroom and hallways, and I've been trying to get them out with this rental.  That looks very, very nice.  Just what I needed.  Thank you guys."  Cleaned LR, 2 Hallways: $100.00

David at Hyland Park on Liberty Boulevard in Sun Prairie 53590 2/2/16 3rd appt. since 2015
"You cleaned in our buildings here in Sun Prairie several times in the past and we have a new tenant moving in, so we need a unit cleaned on Tueaday, if you can get here through the snow.  Plus, if you have the time on your schedule, I have some other areas, some hallways and the main diningrooms, I want to have you clean too.  I've gotten a lot of compliments about your cleaning from people here.  The carpets look very nice, and they're almost dry where you started.  Thank you for coming.  Drive safe."  Cleaned LR, 2 Lg. DRs, 2 BRs, 2 Lg. Hallways, Office: $420.00

Jesse H on Trenton Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 1/25/16 New Customer
"I need my familyroom, bedrooms and stairs cleaned.  I just searched Google for local carpet cleaning and that's where I found you.  The carpets look very nice.  Nice job.  Thank you." Cleaned FR, 3 BRs, Hallways, Staircases: $285.00

Jen and Cesar P on Koshkonong Way on Sun Prairie 53590 1/7/16 New Customer
"We're moving out of this rental house and we need to clean the carpets before we leave.  I found Mr. Steam on line and Dennis gave me a good price.  Perfect.  I appreciate it.  Yeah.  Thank you."  Cleaned 4 BRs, 2 Staircases, Hallway: $240.00

Jody K on Grayhawk Way in Sun Prairie 53590 12/26/15 New Customer
"I'm looking on Google for a carpet cleaner who can clean my livingroom carpet today.  I have everything moved out and I need some fast service.  You can be here in an hour?  Perfect!  That looks wonderful.  Very nice.  We'll blow fans on it to dry it quickly.  Thank you for the last minute service.  I'll tell my sister in Waunakee about you."  Cleaned LR, FR Spots: $90.00

Tina B on Pheasant Run in Cottage Grove 53527 12/9/15 New Customer
"I have three bedrooms that need to be cleaned and I have one of you coupons I got on line.  That's incredible.  Thank you so much."  Cleaned 3 BRs: $135.00

Karen J on Steward Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 11th appt. since 2002
"I need my familyroom carpet cleaned again.  You've been here many times and you know how to let yourselves in, and just leave the bill on the kitchen counter and I'll get a check out to you.  Thank you."  Cleaned FR: $120.00

Patty K on Abbott Lane in Sun Prairie 53590 11/19/15
"I found you on line and read your reviews.  I had made an appointment with another company but when I saw your good reviews I cancelled them and went with Mr. Steam.  I have your 25% Off coupon here too.  I can't even tell where my son's vomit stain was that I couldn't get out.  Great job!  Have a good day."  Cleaned LR, 2 BRs: $150.00

Chris L on St. Albert Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 10/26/15
Our cat started peeing along the walls here and it smells, so we're hoping you can help us.  That looks very good, and I dont' smell anything.  Thanks for coming on such short notice.  Have a good rest of your day."  Cleaned LR, DR. Den: $150.00

Tim J on East Goodland Street in Sun Prairie 53590 10/17/15
"We have an old sectional sofa that's in bad shape, we know, but it's so comfortable that we can't get rid of it.  I was happy you could come and clean for us right away because we have company coming on Sunday.  I found you when I Googled on line for upholstery ceaning in my area.  That looks great.  Thank you for coming today."  Cleaned 4-pc. Sectional: $120

Mike T at Anytime Fitness in Columbus 53925 10/16/15
"You've been cleaning our fitness clubs in Madison and elsewhere for many years, and now I want you to clean my new club in Columbus.  We like the process you use and you always do quality work, and we like that.  The best thing is the carpets dry very fast and our members can keep working out.  Thank you, and I'll call you back in a few months.  Cleaned 3000 Sq. Ft.: $270.00

Dan F on Prairie View Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 10/6/15
"I have a basement familyroom that the kids and dog have made a mess out of that I need cleaned as soon as you can do it.  The carpet looks very nice.  I'm happy with what you did.  Thanks a lot."  Clean GR, Staircase: $180

Nosi K on Remington Way in Sun Prairie 53590 8/15/15
"You cleaned for us in our other house and now we need some carpets cleaned in our new location in Sun Prairie.  It feels almost dry already.  Thank you."  Cleaned Staircase, hallway: $90

John M for ITS Compliance on south Bristol Street 53590 7/29/15
"We're moving our operation to Sun Prairie and I need to get about 8000 square feet of office space cleaned.  Your bid works for me.  Let's get this done.  All the stains came out that I was worried about and everything looks great.  Thanks for the great service and helping us out."  Cleaned 8000 sq. ft.: $750

Nancy B on Lorrabud Lane in Sun Prairie 53590 7/22/15
"My daughter's coming home for a visit next month, so I wanted to get the carpets cleaned for her.  Looks great!  Smells great!  You guys always do such a nice job, that's why we call you back.  Thanks!  Have a great day.  Cleaned MBR, Staircase, 10x12 Rug: $195

Saint Albert the Great Church on St. Albert Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 7/21/15
"You've been cleaning our carpets since 2008 because you always do the best job for the best price.  Our carpets look and smell wonderful.  You did a wonderful job for us.  We're very pleased here."  Cleaned Church, Narthax, Parish Center Halls and Stairs: $1200

Mike and Cheryl T on Hilltop Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 7/20/15
"You've been cleaning for us since our realtor recommended you nine years ago.  Oh, it looks much better.  I have a friend who wants her carpets cleaned, so I'd like one or your business cards before you leave.  Wonderful!  You have a good day."  Cleaned LR: $90

Penny D on Trapp Street in Sun Prairie 53590 7/17/15
"It's time for my annual carpet cleaning again.  You boys do such a nice job.  I love it.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, DR, FR, Hall: $180

Kelly S on Kelvington Street in Sun Prairie 7/13/15
"My daughter is moving out and I want to get her apartment cleaned.  This looks wonderful.  Thanks for the fast service.  Cleaned LR, Staircase, 2 BRs: $150

Tammy on Colmbus Street in Sun Prairie 6/29/15
"I'm moving into an apartment in Sun Prairie and the previous tenant said she cleaned the carpets but they didn't look like it.  I think she just vacuumed them.  So I need to have the livingroom and 3 bedrooms cleaned right away so I can move my family in.  It was so great that you guys could come out right away, you just don't know.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, 3 BRs: $165

Vallerie H on Baily Road in Sun Prairie 53590 6/23/15
"I own a duplex and my tenants moved out and they had kids and dogs and I want to get the carpets cleaned as soon as possible before I show the unit to new tenants.  I've never seen carpet cleaning done with machines like that.  That really works slick.  Good job."  Cleaned LR, FR, Stairs, Hall, 3 BRs: $300

Scott M on O'Keffe Avenue in Sun Prairie 53590 6/20/15
"My daughter spilled orange juice on the livingroom carpet and I want to get the whole room and staircase cleaned while you're here.  I've used you several times before so I know you'll do a good job.  This looks nice.  Thank you for coming on Saturday.  I'll be happy to write a Google review for you."  Cleaned LR, Stairs, Landing:$105

Anita L on Triumph Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 5/29/15
"I called you because I saw you working for my neighbor.  I went and asked them if they were happy and what you charge.  They said they were very happy and the price was the best they found.  I'm selling my house and I need to have it cleaned before I start showing it. Thank you for the very good service."  Cleaned LR, DR, 2 Staircases, Halls, 2 BRs: $315

Bill V on Selkirk Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 5/19/15
"I have a livingroom in my rental that needs cleaning for my new tenants.  It's got some bad spots that will need a professional cleaner to get out.  I found you on Google when I searched for a good carpet cleaner in my area.  This looks very good. Great!  Have a good one."  Cleaned LR-DR Combo: $90

Melanie M on Quail court in Sun Prairie 53590 5/7/15

"Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaners has cleaned my carpets and furniture every year since 1993 because I love the process they use and Dennis and Dick really know what they're doing.  Thanks for another great job."  Cleaned Whole House Carpets and Furniture: $600

Tamara W on Triumph Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 4/30/15
"I have new tenants moving into the condo I own and I need to clean the carpets after the old tenants move out on Friday.  I've had you clean for me before so I know Mr. Steam does a great job.  I especially like the scrubbing process you use over the whole carpet.  It really digs out the odors and hair from the dogs that were in here.  Thanks for coming so promptly."  Cleaned GR, Lg. hall, Stairs, Landing: $195

Erika J on Bull Run in Sun Prairie 53590 4/27/15
"I need my two-piece sofa sectional cleaned and I did a search on google and found Mr. Steam Upholstery Cleaning and gave Dennis a call.  He told me about the cleaning method they use and gave me a good price to do the cleaning.  The sofa is in good shape except where the dog lays, and that gets pretty soiled.  This looks very nice.  I can't even see where the dog was.  Now I just have to try and keep him off of it.  Thank you."  Cleaned 2 Sofas: $120

Stephanie S on South Legacy Way in Sun Prairie 53590 4/21/15
"I just Googled for carpet cleaners in Sun Prairie and there you were.  So I printed out your coupon and scheduled an appointment for the next day.  This looks much better, a lot better than my Bissell." Cleaned LR, STAIRS, HALL: $135

Chris H on Twin Lane Road in Sun Prairie 53590 4/20/15
"My wife found you on her computer, Google I think it was.  We've been in here three years and thought it was about time we got the carpets cleaned.  The cleaning job you did for us was very good and my wife is happy"  Cleaned LR, Porch, 2 BRs: 150

Patrick J on Shane Court in Sun Prairie 4/18/15
"I got into my new apartment in Sun Prairie Saturday morning and fount out the carpets weren't cleaned like the landlord said they would be.  I needed help fast, so I could move my things in.  I called several companies before I found Mr. Steam, who was the first one that had a live person answering the phone.  I was very happy to hear Dennis tell my he could come over right away.  The carpets are clean and I'm a satisfied customer of Mr. Steam.  I'll go to Google and give you a good review.  Thanks again."  Cleaned LR, DR, BR: $150

Weston L on Northwynde Passage in Sun Prairie 53590 4/10/15
"I just trained a new puppy and I've got feces and urine spots around in two bedrooms and the downstairs workout room.  I like the process you're using, that's really getting the hair out too.  You guys really know what you're doing.  This looks fantastic.  I found you on Google and I'm glad I did.  I'm going to have you back more often.  Thank you again."  Cleaned BR, Office, Full Basement: $210


Nikki B on Triumph Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 3/27/15
"Our cat yaks up on the carpet and I can't seem to clean it all out.  I looked for a professional carpet cleaning service on my computer and saw the Mr. Steam listing.  I telephoned and got some information from Dennis, the owner of the business.  I said I didn't want to pay for a cleaning unless I was sure the spots were going to come out completely.  He offered to come to my house and do a test cleaning of my spots to make sure no dyes were involved and that the spots I was concerned about would definitely be removed with the cleaning.  The test cleaning showed that the spots would be no problem for the Mr. Steam process to remove entirely, and so I made an appointment for them to come back and do the full cleaning of my greatroom, which only cost me $90.00.  We're very happy with the results of your cleaning.  Thank you very much.  I'll keep your number handy."

Karen J on Steward Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 3/3/15
"Mr. Steam has been cleaning my carpets since 2002, when a neighbor recommended them.  I have a shaggy dog that tracks in a lot of dirt, and Mr. Steam has the best method I've seen for getting that deep-down clean I need.  Thanks again, and I'll see you next year."

Chris N on North Bird Street in Sun Prairie 2/14/15
"We're moving out of our duplex and it's in the lease that we need to have the carpets cleaned when we exit.  I saw your prices on your web page and I printed out your coupon for 25% Off.  It's great you could come on my day off work.  The carpets look very nice and everything dried before the kids got home from school.  Tell you cleaning guys that I'm very happy with their work."

Jenni K on North Bristol Street in Sun Prairie 53590 1/8/15
"My son brought his dogs with him over the holidays and they made a mess of my carpets and furniture.  Plus, I'm having another guest coming this weekend, and I can't have her walk in here with the carpets and sofas looking and smelling like big dogs.  It was fantastic that you could come right away.  My neighbor recommended you and I've already thanked her.  Have a nice day."

Lem G on West Main Street in Sun Prairie 53597 12/18/14
"Our child peed on our sofa and our attempt to clean it didn't work because it still had an odor we had to do something about.  I looked on Google for an upholstery cleaning service and read the positive reviews at the web site of Mr. Steam Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners.  When I called, Dennis, the owner, explained how they clean odors out of upholstery and it sounded exactly what we needed.  They came in and Dennis demonstrated how they clean for odors, by squeezing a cleaning and deodorizing foam deep into the fabric where the odors were coming from.  They then vacuumed the cleaning solution out along with the urine and odor.  The odor was gone when they finished.  Thank you for the fast service."

Shelley Weiss on Happy Valley Road in Sun Prairie 53590 11/25/14
"Dennis and Dick arrived right on time and immediately got to work.  They have many years of experience and worked diligently the entire time they were at my house.  They cleaned two couches, one upholstered chair, three large area rugs, three carpeted rooms, and the stairs.  I appreciated that they got into every corner and up against every wall.  They told me that I did not have to move all the furniture out as they would move the small pieces - but I did move most of the furniture out of the rooms.  I think this helped - and would recommend it. The carpets smelled fresh when they were finished and they were close to dry when they finished. The carpets are soft and spotless!  The last time someone else cleaned my carpets, the carpets felt "stiff" after they were done - but not this time. I have 8 cats in my house and although I attempt to keep them out of the carpeted spaces, they have gotten in and had accidents.  I was happy that even the smallest spot was cleaned up when Dick and Dennis finished.  (They did tell me ahead of time that they would not guarantee complete deodorizing of pet smells - but there is no smell left.) They told me to call them if there was any question. I felt the charge for all the work was very reasonable and I'm happy to recommend them."

Jeff T on Kelvington Drive in Sun Prairie 11/24/14
"Thank you."

Armand on Innsbrooke Street in Sun Prairie 53590 10/2/14
"I'm just moving in here and the carpets aren't in bad shape except for some darker walkways.  I want to have things cleaned before I bring my furniture in.  I found you guys on line.  It was really cool that you could come so fast.  Thank you."

Cathy A on Athletic Way in Sun Prairie 53590 9/3/14
"I found you on Google when I searchd for Sun Prairie Carpet Cleaning.  I need my livingroom and bedroom cleaned and I have one of your coupons.  I walked through when the guys were finished and the carpets look even better than I was expecting.  Thank you."

Paul K on Apple Drive in Sun Prairie 53590 9/3/14
"I've known Dennis and Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaners for many years, when they cleaned the church that I work for.  The carpeting in my home in Sun Prairie hadn't been cleaned since we moved in and needed a good professional treatment.  The wife and I are very happy with the job."

Melissa S on Midnight Sun Drive 53590 8/28/14
"We're moving in to a new rental and needed to get the carpets cleaned in a hurry.  The people moving out said they had the carpets professionally cleaned but it sure didn't look it.  I found Mr. Steam on Google, liked how well informed they are, and was very happy they could come right out.  The moving van was due in the morning and the Mr. Steam guys really came through for us."

Jeff on St. Albert Drive 53590 8/23/14
We have Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaners clean our church for us every year because they do a fantastic job and they're fast and efficient."

Steve on Foxglove Drive 53590 7/25/14
"The people moving out said they had their carpets professionally cleaned but they didn't look it.  We want to move in on Monday and so I looked on google for a cleaner and saw Mr. Steam's listing.  I saw that their prices were in my budget and I found Mr. Steam's 25% discount coupon page and printed one out.  The men did a very good job and our move in was perfect.  Thank you again."

Penny D on Trapp Street 53590 7/24/14
"Dennis said he would come back if any of my spots came back and today he did just that.  I'm very happy with your service.  Thank you."

Erin F on Independence Way 53590 7/22/14
Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning was recommended to me by a friend.  Everything looks very nice and I'm happy with the work."

Nancy B on Lorrabud Lane 53590 7/18/14
"Mr. Steam cleaned our whole house of carpeting last year along with a large white shag rug in our family room.  I called you back this year to clean just the rug because you did such a good job last year that the rest of the house just didn't need it.  It was a perfect day so I had Dick and Dennis roll up the rug and clean it out on the driveway.  It looks like new again.  We'll be calling you back for sure."

Penny D on Trapp Street 53590 7/14/14
"A realtor friend of mine recommeded Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning because she said that's who she recommends to her customers and she's always very happy with the work they do.  This looks very nice and the carpets dried very fast.  Thanks again for the good service."

Gloria and John H on Whytcliff Way 53590 7/9/14
"You guys did such a great job.  You always do.  Thanks for coming so quickly because we just decided to put the house on the market.  Thank you very, very much."

Rick F on Kentville Drive 53590 5/22/14
"I'm renting this place and the livingroom carpet was in such bad shape that I didn't think anyone could clean it and I didn't want to waste my money if a professional cleaner couldn't do the job.  I found Mr. Steam's listing on google when I searched for carpet cleaning in Sun Prairie and spoke to Karen, who said Dennis and Dick could stop in and look at it and give me an opinion of cleanability free of charge before I make any decision whether to clean.  Dennis took a look at my carpet and said that because it was just soil and not color stains, which can be permanent, their process would have no problem getting satifactory results on my livingroom.  I never though the carpet would ever look this clean again.  Thank you guys."

John C on Weybridge Drive 53590 5/8/14
"Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning cleaned our whole house in March, but since then I found out I have a leak in the patio door of the familyroom where rain has been seeping in and staining the carpet.  So I called Mr. Steam to have them out again to see what they can do about the water stains.  They not only came out and got the stains out, but Dennis didn't charge me anything.  That's good service."

Diane P on Kelvington Street 53590 4/11/14
"We always call Mr. Steam to clean the carpets in our rental properties but this is the first time our home carpets have been cleaned in fourteen years.  It looks great, awsome.  Thank you."

Megan W on Sandpiper Court 53590 4/8/14
"Your machine does a fantastic job.  This is fantastic.  Thank you very much."

Bonnie M on Ivory Drive 53590 3/22/14
"I searched for Madison Wisconsin area carpet cleaners on the Internet and found Mr. Steam.  I called and got some information and prices and liked what I heard, so I made an appointment to clean a bedroon and two area rugs.  I'm taking care of my boy friend's beagles and Mr. Steam said they could add a deodorization treatment at no extra charge.  It all looks good.  Thank you."

Mike G on Smithfield Drive 53590 3/11/13
"I needed the carpeting cleaned in a condo I'm putting on the market and so I called Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaners.  They worked for me many times in the past keeping my rental properties in good shape.  I like their maching washing step, that really gets a deep down clean.  I've tried other companies but why settle for second best.  I called on Monday and Dennis and Dick came to clean Tuesday morning.  The carpets look like new, dried fast, and my condo is ready to show.  Thank you guys."

Kathleen C on Weybridge Drive 53590 3/2/14
"We have a new baby and it was nice that you could get us in so fast.  Everything looks very nice.  Even those old stains are gone.  Thank you.  Have a nice day."

Kevin H on Willow Brook Trail 53590 2/28/47
"I work with a real estate company in town and we have this home that we're getting ready to sell.  We have several rooms of carpet that need cleaning.  I got a hold of Mr. Steam and Dennis scheduled an appointment for me.  Thank you for the good service."

Erin Z on Park Avenue, Waterloo 2/23/14
"I have several rugs in my house that needed a good cleaning before our new baby comes.  I went on my computer, Googled for Carpet Cleaners in Madison, and Mr. Steam's name came up first.  I called and talked to Dennis and he scheduled an appointment for me on Sunday morning, which was very nice since I work throughout the week.  My rugs were covered with hair from our dogs but Dennis and his son, Alex, did a fantastic job.  I'm very happy I found this company and recommend them to anyone."

Jeanne P on Bull Run 53590 2/7/14
"I'm selling my home and the realtor planned the open house for Saturday.  When I told my friend Debby P that I needed to get my carpets cleaned fast, she recommended I call Mr. Steam Carpet Cleanng because she said Mr. Steam has been cleaning carpets for her for many years and that they always do very nice work.  So I called Karen at the Mr. Steam office and Dennis came out to give me an estimate right away.  They were just here and everything looks amazing.  You guys did a fantastic job.  And considering there's usually a carpet replacement contingency in an offer to buy, with the carpets looking this good, you saved me lots of money.  Thank you so much, and I'm happy to recommend you."

Susan K on Sawyer Way 53590 1/3/14
"Thank you for the fast service.  The carpets all look very nice."

Ami T on White Tail 53590 11/1/13
"This looks amazing.  I called another company for an appointment on Monday and I waited for two hours and they never showed up.  I really appreciate your coming on time and doing such a great job.  I'll be sure to call you in the future.  Thank you very much."

Jeff T on Kelvington Drive 53590 11/1/13
"We had you in to clean our carpets last year and knew our search for a quality carpet cleaning service was over.  Thanks again."

Dan and Tracey R on Triumph Drive 53590 10/28/13
"We called Mr. Steam because they've been cleaning carpets for us for many years.  We like Dick and Dennis and have seen how hard they work to get the best results.  This is a good company and we're happy to recommend them."

Claire F on Lorrabud Lane 53590 10/14/13
"I hired Mr. Steam Cleaners and had the company clean and Scotchgard three rooms of carpets and a sofa sectional and a recliner.  They did very good work and I'm pleased with what their service."

Kathy G on Leopold Way 53590 10/11/13
"I own rental units here and in Madison and call Mr. Steam Carpet cleaning company when my tenants move out because I like the cleaning method they use and they are always prompt and thorough."

Ken K on Walmar Drive 53590 9/19/13
"I searched Google looking for a carpet cleaning service that could help with my pet odor and that sent me to Mr. Steam's website.  They had lots of useful information and their price list was very reasonable.  I called and made an appointment.  I was very satisfied with the hard work they did on my spots and odors and recommend them."

Jake S on St. Albert Court 53590 9/6/13
"Thank you for the carpet cleaning."

Bud K on Huntsville Ridge 53590 7/31/13
"I'm moving out of my home in Sun Prairie and it needed a good carpet cleaning.  I've used Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaners before and so I knew just who to call.  They did another fantastic job for me and I recommend them.  Their speed and attention to detail is fantastic."

Nancy B on Lorrabud Lane 53590 7/22/13
"Everything looks fantastic.  Thank you."

Jim M on Wyndham Drive 53590 7/18/13
"I found Mr. Steam when I searched for carpet cleaners in Sun Prairie.  I went with Mr. Steam because they could come after I got home from work since I couldn't take off to be there during the day.  The cleaning men came and did a very nice job for me."

Mike C on Carriage Drive 53590 7/11/13
"I Googled for carpet cleaners in Sun Prairie and Mr. Steam came up.  I went with them because they were the first company that answere their phone.  The others had messages and never called me back.  The carpets all look very nice and I'm happy I found you.  Thank you very much."

Amy R on Nature Drive 53590 7/2/13
"I'm an old customer of Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaners moving into a new home in Sun Prairie.  I'm so happy you could come out late in the day to clean so we can get moved in.  I'm very happy with the cleaning job Mr. Steam did for us and I highly recommend them."

Tom S on Town Hall Road 53590 6/12/13
"I'll be honest with you, I had another carpet cleaner clean this for me in December.  The guy was recommended to me by my floor installer, so I gave it a try.  I couldn't believe what a terrible job this guy did, nothing like what you do.  I had to go back over the spots he left behind and clean them myself.  Never again.  This looks fantastic, just like new.  Thank you guys."

Mary S on Queens Street 53590 5/31/13
"Everything looks very nice, and I'm very pleased.  Thank you very much."

Bud K on Huntsville Ridge 53590 5/29/13
"It looks great!  Thank you."

Andrew and Deborah B on Wild Iris 53590 5/28/13
"We were going to close on the purchase of our new home in Sun Prairie on Tuesday, and so we went looking for a professional carpet cleaner on Google who could do the work in the narrow window we had.  I found Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning and was sold when I read their fantastic reviews.  They just left and we are very happy we found this company.  We are happy to recommend them."

Claudia K on Sawyer Way 53590 5/22/13
"I'm putting my condo on the market and my carpets were too dirty to show the place to prospective buyers.  I found Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaner when I searched Google for a Sun Prairie carpet cleaning company.  I liked what Karen had to say and their prices were affordable.  The cleaning men came the next day and my carpets look very nice."

Marshall K on Atcheson Avenue 53590 5/15/13
"I have a dog that really made a mess on my carpets.  Mr. Steam Carpet Clean did a good job.  All the stains came out.  Everything looks good.  Thank you very much."

Jeff T on Kelvington Drive 53590 5/3/13
"Mr. Steam cleans my carpets every year because they always do such a nice job and their prices are low compared to other cleaners I've called."

Becky C on Columbus Street 53590 5/3/13
"I just had a small carpet cleaning order.  My stairs and upper hall were dirty and needed a good cleaning for the kids.  Thank you, Dennis.  I appreciate your work."

Chris A on Steven Street 53590 4/17/13
I needed a bedroom, hall and staircase cleaned in my rental unit and I wanted to hire a good local company to do the job.  It took the Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning crew less than an hour and I'm satisfied with the results.

Tricia S on Jacobs Road Marshall 53559 4/12/13
"I found Mr. Steam Carpet Clean when I searched for a carpet cleaner on the Internet.  I had a large livingroom with a desk area that was badly soiled, so I asked for a test cleaning before I wasted money cleaning something I wasn't going to be happy with.  Dennis and Dick came out and pre-tested my spots and they came out, to my delight.  They went ahead with the cleaning and it looks really good.  Thank you so much."

Pamela P on Raintree Road 53590 4/11/13
We purchased a house and needed a good carpet cleaner before we could move in, and Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaners filled the bill.  They were here on time and did a very good job for us."

L.H and M.F. I on Cardinal Way
"I needed my condo carpeting cleaned and called the right people, because the Mr. steam guys came over right away, worked hard and did a fantastic job.  I definately recommend them."

Randy R on North Heatherstone Drive 53718 3/14/13
"I went looking on Google for a carpet cleaning company in Sun Prairie and Mr. Steam's listing came up.  I read through it and got all the information I needed.  We put our home on the market and needed someone to do a good job fast.  I'm glad I hired this company because that is just what they did."

Tamara W on Triumph Drive 53590 3/1/13
"I'm very pleased with Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning service.  They've cleaned our large condo three times, they do excellent work and their prices are very affordable."

Kristin C on Providence Street 53590 1/29/13
"My husband and I are moving out of state, so I needed the carpets in our large rental cleaned on short notice.  I found Mr. Steam and was very happy I did.  They came in and went right to work and an hour later they were all finished.  The carpets looked and smelled like the day we walked in."

Kelly R onn Stonehaven Drive 53590 1/25/13
"Our carpets were in very bad shape and needed a good cleaning.  So I called Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning Service because I liked the deep scrubbing they do.  The carpets cleaned fantastic and dried much faster than the last company I had in here.  I like these guys."

Ricky T on Sunfield Street 53590 1/24/13
"I needed to clean the carpet in my apartment because my cats have been pretty hard on it.  Dennis came over and gave me the best price, so I called and set up an appointment for cleaning.  They came on time and did a very nice job for me."

Greg M on Edgemore Drive 53590 1/22/13
"Everything looks very good.  The cat and other stains I was most concerned about came out.  We'll call you back in the spring to clean the upstairs."

Eric O on Foxglove Drive 53590 1/5/13
"My son got sick and vomited on his bedroom carpet, and I needed service fast.  I searched on line and right away and found and called Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning service.  It was the weekend but within two hours Dennis came and cleaned everything perfectly.  The vomit and odor are gone and my son is very happy."

Cathy M on Old Fox Run 53590 12/19/12
"I needed my carpets cleaned fast and I work days, so I needed a company I could trust to come in when I'm not here.  I talked to Karen at Mr. Steam and knew right away I had the right people.  She said they clean for people who can't be there all the time and that her cleaning crew had many years of experience.  When I got home from work I looked things over and was very pleased with what I saw.  You may use my name as a reference if it helps."

Melissa F on Westridge Drive 53590 10/30/12
"I know my sofa and loveseat were in terrible shape and I can't believe how fantastic they look now.  I won't wait so long next time, and please thank your cleaning crew again for me."

Scott M on O'Keffe Avenue 53590 10/22/12
"You've cleaned my livingroom and family room 5 times since 2008 and I'm so happy with what you can do with all my spots and stains.  Thanks again for another great jod."

Allison R on Selkirk Drive 53925 8/27/12
"Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaners was the only company I could find that would come out and give me an on-site estimate.  I hate surprises and it was very important to me to know exactly what I was going to have to pay.  They did a very good job and I recommend them."

Rabecca W on Old Highway 73 53925 7/30/12
"My big dogs live on my sofa and they get coated with pet hair.  I really didn't believe they would ever look this good again.  I'm happy to give you a review."

Daria B on Eddington Drive 53590 7/17/12
"It all looks very nice.  Thank you."

Francisco G on Chicory Way 53590 6/16/12
"Your carpet cleaning method is very good.  I do cleaning at work and the carpet cleaning equipment we use never does this good.  This is great."

Kathy G on Leopold Drive 53955 5/31/12
"I called Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning Service and was glad I did.  Dick and Dennis were fast and friendly.  They told me what they were going to do and Karen told me what it would cost and they did a very good job and it dried fast."

Melanie M on Quail Court 53590 4/11/12
"I've been a customer of Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning since 1993, and I'm still absolutely delighted with your prices, your fast service and everything else."

Betty C on North Street 53590 3/5/12
"My dog abused my rug many times but I'm very happy with the cleaning Mr. Steam did for me."

Tamara W on triumph Drive 53590 2/22/12
"Thank you.  It turned out even better than I expected."

Lennart and Susan J on Donald Drive 53590 1/30/12
"Please thank your cleaners again for the carpet cleaning job well done."

Edna D on Wilson Street 53590 1/23/12
"I'm just amazed. You even got those blood stains from my sick cat out.  My recliners and carpet look new again.  I'll call you back when I'm ready to clean the upstairs."

Carl and Laurie K on Pleasant Street 53590 11/22/11
"We really liked the process you use much better than other companies we had clean for us.  Dick and Dennis were fast and efficient, and we were amazed how quickly everything dried. You may use us if you need a recommendation in Sun Prairie."

Karen J on Steward Drive 53590 10/31/11
"My husband and I were very happy with the job your company did for us."

Cathy and Mike G on Smithfield Drive 53590 10/19/11
"This is rental property you've cleaned for us before, but this time we thought we'd have to replace the carpets.  We appreciate the test cleaning you did for us.  You've again exceeded our expectations."

Leah M on Pebble Brook Trail 53590 11/7/11
"It all looks great, fantastic!  Thank you."

Tom S on Town Hall Drive 53590 10/12/11
"We had family visiting and they brought their sick dog, which is why I called.  You've worked for me before and I'm always happy with the job you do."

Sandy D on Woodgrove Way 53590 10/7/11
"A coworker recommended you because he said you do good work at a good price.  You can add me to your satisfied customer list."

John R on Essex Drive 53590 9/8/11
"I saw your listing on the Internet and liked your offer.  You really stand by your promises.  The carpeting all looks fantastic and your price was perfect.  My wife will be very pleased.  Great job, and please thank your cleaners."

Doug at Saint Albert Perish on St. Albert Drive 53590 8/22/11
"When I saw the results of your test cleaning and compared it with Stanley's, I knew I want you guys to do the job.  I'm very pleased, very happy!

Patrick S on Fountain Drive 53590 8/12/11
"We're showing our house and needed good service fast, and Dennis and Dick delivered for us.  We'll call again when we get into our new house.  Thank you."

Deanna S on Sandpiper Court 53590 8/3/11
"My mother recommended you and I know how fussy she is.  Pleas thank your men for doing such a good job on my carpets today."

Denise C on Corinth Drive 53590 7/15/11
"I'm calling to say your men were just here and they did a fantasic job on my filthy carpets."

Gary & Lynn H on Scheurell Lane 5/17/11
"You were out to clean our carpets today and I just wanted to call and say that we're very pleased."

Scott M on O'Keefe Avenue 53590 5/12/11
"You've been cleaning for me since 2008 and I like how clean you get my rugs."

Brenda H on Arrowhead Trail 53590 10/6/10
"I got your leaflet and it was just in time. I love the results and I'll be calling you again next year."

Tom S on Town Hall Drive 53590 9/30/10
"I needed my furniture cleaned quickly and I was so please you guys could come at the last minute like this. Thank you, thank you!"

John and Gloria H on Whytcliff Way 53590 9/30/10
"You always do the best job and the price is perfect, and if you give me some of your business cards, I'll recommend you to my clients."

Happy in Sun Prairie 9/18/10
Mr. Steam arrived on time and did a great job on our carpets. We have a dog and had a few stains on the carpet. Mr. Steam removed the stains and made our carpet look and smell brand new. We have used them in the past and will use them again in the future. I highly recommend these guys to anyone who asks.

Jan M on Hensen Drive 53590 9/8/10
"I'm hosting a party here on Friday and you guys are a lifesaver."


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