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Shannon G on Leopold Way in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 8/13/19  New Customer
"I have some upholstery and a staircase I want to have professionally cleaned.  Between the kids and dog, it's hard to keep up with the spills and dog hair.  Thank you for the fast service.  I didn't expect you could get here so fast.  Thank you Dennis."  Cleaned Sofa, Recliner, Staircase: $180.00

Cheryl R on Conservancy Estates Lane in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 7/9/19  New Customer
"I have a big rug that my cat peed on, and I'm hoping you can clean it for me.  The deodorizer you used really worked.  I'm very happy with that.  Good job.  Thank you."  Cleaned Rug: $90.00

Travis W on Kelvington Drive in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 6/26/19  New Customer
"Our carpets are in bad shape from the dogs and kids, and I'm looking to get it clean again.  I saw you on line and your prices look fair.  So, when can we get on your schedule?  I had to call and say how great the carpet looks.  Thank you for the fantastic service."  Cleaned LR and Hallway: $150.00

Lindsey L on Craig Avenue in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 4/2/19  New Customer
"I have a pink sofa I absolutely love, but it has some spots on it I want to try and remove.  I can't get them out, so I thought about letting a professional upholstery cleaner see what you can do.  Wow!  Looks wonderful!  Thank you, thank you."  Cleaned Sofa: $105.00

Ram D on Berwick Drive in Sun Prairie 1/27/19  New Customer
"I'm moving into a house and I need to have all the carpets cleaned sometime this week, before my furniture comes.  The rooms are all empty now.  There's a few spots but it's in pretty good shape.  I like the cleaning method you use. It's doing a fantastic job.  That looks great, and it didn't take you very long.  Thank you for coming.  I'm glad I found you."  Cleaned GR, 3 BRs, Staircase, Rug: $330.00

Tom M on Okeeffe Avenue in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 1/26/19  New Customer
"I'm helping my grandmother move into a new apartment in Sun Prairie and I want to have the carpets cleaned for her before she moves in.  I found you on Google and I have your coupon for 25% off the cleaning job.  The carpets look really good.  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned LR, DR, Hallway, BR: $225.00

Ben B on Leopold Way in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 11/27/18  2nd appt. since 2016
"I'm moving into a new house in Sun Prairie and I want you to come and clean the carpets before we move in on Saturday.  You've cleaned for us before in our other house.  Tuesday morning would work very good for us.  I like the job you do.  The carpets look great.  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned LR, 3 BRs: $240.00

John N on West Main Street in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 11/19/18  New Customer
"I had some water leakage in my home that got a 5x8 throw rug wet.  It dried alright, but I want to go ahead and have it cleaned.  I can drop it off on my way to work in Madison.  God job.  Good service.  Thank you."  Cleaned Rug: $67.50

Brandon M on Featherwood Pass in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 10/25/18  New Customer
"We just bought a new house and take possession of it next week, and we want to have all the carpets cleaned before we move in.  So I'd like to get on your schedule for Thursday morning if that works for you.  I'll leave the key and you can let yourself in.  I walked through and everything looks very good.  I'm glad I called and you were able to do it quickly.  Thank you."  Cleaned Whole House: $450.00

John G on Sherman Drive in Marshall Wisconsin 10/10/18  New Customer
"My dogs made a mess in the familyroom, and I thought I'd have you clean more areas while you're here.  The carpets turned out very nice.  I'm glad those spots came out.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned FR, Staircase, 2 BRs: $225.00

Cheryl K on West Main Street in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 9/30/18  2nd appt. since 2017
"I would like to schedule a time to have my classroom carpet cleaned again.  The last cleaning was in May. Weekends will work best for me. Thank you for doing another great job on the carpet at my center!"  Cleaned School Classroom: $270.00

Lindsey L on North Westmont Drive in Sun Prairie Wisconsin 9/22/18 New Customer
"We haven't had our carpet cleaned in quite a while, so it's pretty dirty and needs a good cleaning.  I found your listing on Google, and I have your 25% discount coupon.  The carpets look great.  Everything looks great.  That didn't take you very long.  Thank you for the good service."  Cleaned GR, Staircase, Hallway, 3 BRs: $330.00


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