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Joe and Cheryl D on North Park Street in Belleville Wisconsin 11/16/17  2nd appt. since 2015
"We want to get the carpets cleaned so they look nice for Christmas when the family comes over.  We looked through all our records to find your name.  You can see where the dog sleeps.  I moved most of the furniture out of your way.  That looks very nice.  I'm very happy with that.  Thank you.  Here's a little tip for you.  Buy yourself lunch today."  Cleaned LR, DR, Hallway: $120.00

Judy K on Bunbury Court in Verona Wisconsin 10/12/17  New Customer
"Our friend Sally M recommended I call you.  She said you've been cleaning for her for many years.  Oh, everything looks great.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned GR: $120.00

Michelle S on Todd Street in Verona Wisconsin 9/7/17  New Customer
"I want to get some furniture and my livingroom rug cleaned.  I'm off on Wednesday, if you can come after 10:00.  The recliner and sofa look really nice.  I'm happy with that.  Thank you."  Cleaned Sofa, Recliner, Rug: $195.00

Mary O on Paddington Parkway in Verona Wisconsin 8/31/17  Many appts. since 2004
"We sold our house and we're closing on our new place Thursday morning.  The carpets in the two bedrooms are in good shape but the previous owners had a little dog.  I want to have the rooms cleaned before we bring in the furniture.  Thank you for getting us in at the last minute."  Cleaned 2 BRs, Staircase: $270.00

Sadik S on Enterprise Drive in Verona Wisconsin 7/15/17  New Customer
"My dog tangled with another animal last night and I've got blood splatters all over my carpets, and I need help right away.  If you can come right out on Saturday evening, let's go for it.  The carpets turned out great.  I was worried the blood stains would be permanent.  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned LR, 2 BRs, Hallway, Staircase: $250.00

Steve and Julie S on Valley View Street in Verona Wisconsin 6/21/17  3rd appt. since 2015
Hi Dennis.  I want to make an appointment to get our carpets cleaned again.  I've got one of your coupons here.  We've got some bad spots in the diningroom.  Everything looks like new again.  That's nice.  Thank you."  Cleaned GR, DR, BR, Staircase, 3 Rugs: $270.00

Steven S on Bay Laurel Lane in Verona 5/27/17  2nd appt. since 2016
"You cleaned my mail level last year and i was happy with your work.  This time I need my lower level areas cleaned.  The carpets look wonderful.  Thank you so much."  Cleaned FR, Movie Room, Play Room, BR, 2 Hallways, Staircase: $420

Jennifer C on Mound View Road in Verona Wisconsin 5/25/17  New Customer
"I need some carpeting cleaned in my home.  If the price is right, I'd like to make an appointment.  I Googled for carpet cleaners on my office computer.  The carpets look wonderful.  Those stains I was worried about disappeared.  Thank you."  Cleaned 3 BRs, GR, 3 Hallways, 3 Staircases, Rug: $420.00

Dorothy T on Baltic Drive in Verona Wisconsin 5/24/17  New Customer
"I want to get all my carpets cleaned.  It's been a long time, as you will see when you get here.  I found you in the telephone book.  The carpets look wonderful.  You do very nice work.  I don't think these carpets have ever been cleaned like this before.  Thank you."  Cleaned Den, 4 BRs, 2 Staircases, GR, Hallway: $630.00

Ann H on Mid Town Road in Verona Wisconsin 5/10/17  New Customer

"I'm moving out of my condo and I need to have all the carpets professionally cleaned.  My realtor Stacey recommended Mr. Steam.  Everything looks great.  Fantastic!  Thank you for the nice work."  Cleaned LR, DR, 2 Hallways, 2 BRs: $250.00

Magendra S on Autumn Hill Drive in Verona 5/4/17 New Customer
I just want my livingroom cleaned, and I'd like to know how much that will cost.  Can you come and do that on Thursday?  This looks very good.  I'm very impressed.  I found you on Google on my computer.  I'm very impressed with how fast you did this.  Can you give me a price on my three bedrooms and stairs?  Thank you."  Cleaned LR: $75.00

5-Star Google Review by James P on Cherrywood Lane in Verona Wisconsin 4/18/17  New Customer
"I had a dining room chair that ended up with a blood stain on it. I tried cleaning it myself, leaving a huge water stain in its place. I called on Monday morning and Dennis came out within 2 hours. He let me know up front that the stains may not come out 100%, so I appreciated his honesty and transparency. He not only cleaned the one chair, but all 6. They look so much better than they have in years. I'm very grateful to have found Dennis and will use his services again soon!"  Cleaned 6 DR Chairs: $135.00

Steve and Debra S on Eastview Road in Verona Wisconsin 4/ 12/17  4th appt. since 2013
"We need to have our home and a rental cleaned.  I'm happy you guys are still doing it.  Good job.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned 2 LRs, DR, Staircase, hallway, 2 Rugs: $390.00

Suzanne B on East Whispering Pines Way in Verona Wisconsin 3/14/17  2nd appt. since 2015
I need to get my sofas cleaned again.  I've got some spots and spillsfrom my daughter that have accumulated and it's time for a cleaning.  The sofas look very nice, nice and clean again.  Thank you, guys."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat: $120.00


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