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  Salli M on Caton Lane in Waunakee Wisconsin 4/6/17  Many appts. since 2002

"You've been cleaning for me forever, and I want my familyroom carpet and a sofa cleaned, this week if you can do it.  Thursday morning is perfect.  I've got some dog spots but nothing serious.  That looks wonderful.  Thank you, Dennis."  Cleaned FR, Sofa: $150.00

Margie M on River Edge Road in Waunakee Wisconsin 3/29/17 4th appt. since 2014
"I'm ready for my annual spring carpet cleaning.  I can do it early on Wednesday morning, if that works on your end.  Oh, good job.  We like your cleaning method.  It does a much better job than any of the others I've had in here.  And the price is good, too.  Thank you, thank you.  See you next year."  Cleaned LR, DR, FR, Hallway: $160.00

James M on Manchester East in Waunakee Wisconson 3/29/17  2nd appt. since 2015
"We need our carpets cleaned.  You've done them before, and we liked the job you do.  The carpets look very, very nice.  We're going to put our home on the market, and clean carpets are going to help.  We don't want to put all new carpeting in because the new buyers can do that.  Wow, everything looks great.  Thank you for getting us on your schedule so fast."  Cleaned LR, DR, FR, Hallway, 2 BRs: $345.00

Nichole N on Wimbleton Way in Waunakee Wisconsin 2/6/17  New Customer
"My dog pooped on my shag rug this morning and it really stinks, and I need some fast service to come and clean that up for me, if you can do that.  I really like that process you're using.  It really cleans deep.  Nice job, and it smells so much better.  Thank you.  Thank you."  Cleaned 8x11 Rug: $90.00

Fritz and Fran S on Wakanda Drive in Waunakee 12/13/16 2nd appt. since 2015
"We're ready for another carpet cleaning here. You did a nice job for us last year and we want to have you back again. Tuesday morning works very good for us. We really like the work you do. The carpets look so much better. Thank you so much." Cleaned LR, DR, 3 BRs, 2 Staircases, 4 Rugs: $480.00

Janet for Furniture and Appliance Mart Ashley Home Store in Madison 11/29/16 New Customer
"We have a furniture customer in Waunakee who spilled some beer on his sofa, and I'm looking for an upholstery cleaner who can service Waunakee to go and see what you can do for him. The customer is very happy. Thank you for taking care of that for us." Cleaned Sofa: $75.00

Mary A on Raymond Road in Waunakee 11/23/16 New Customer
"A friend at work saw I was looking on line for a carpet cleaner and said wait a minute. So she called her friend, who is real fussy, and asked who she uses to clean her carpets. She said she uses Mr. Steam LLC, so that's why I called you. This looks real nice. Thank you." Cleaned FR, BR, Hallway: $165.00

Kieth W on 4th Street in Waunakee 10/27/16 New Customer
"I've got water in my basement carpet from all that rain we've been having, so I want to have the carpet cleaned and have someone suck up as much of the water as possible. I want to have it done right away if that's possible. Thursday morning would be great. I just did a search and you're the first one I called. That looks great, just what I needed. thank you for the fast service. Cleaned GR, Bulk Water Extraction: $150.00

Kara and Paul H on Dunwoody Lane in Waunakee 10/1/16 2nd appt. in 2016
"Mr. Steam LLC just cleaned our house carpets when we moved in last week, but our dog went downstairs in the familyroom and we've got poop spots all over. If you can come out again and clean that up for us, we'll really appreciate it. The familyroom carpet downstairs looks great. Great job. Thank you for the fast service." Cleaned FR $135.00

Kara H on Dunwoody Lane in Waunakee 9/23/16 New Customer
"We're moving in to a new home in Waunakee and we want to have the bedroom carpets cleaned before we move our furniture in. The carpets look wonderful. Just like new again. I just looked on the Internet and found your business there. Thank you for your fast service." Cleaned 3 BRs, Closets: $180.00

Charity at Homestead Living on Quinn Drive in Waunakee 7/12/16 16th appt. since 2005
"It's time for our semi-annual cleaning at our nursing home in Waunakee. Some time next week would work best. The carpets look great again. Thank you." Cleaned 1 BR, Hallways: $375.00

Robin R on West Main Street in Waunakee 6/3/16 New Customer
"We need a couple offices cleaned here in Waunakee this week. I'm looking at your web page here and I have your prices page up. I'd say each office is the size of two or three livingrooms, and they're now vacant. The carpets look great, and it didn't take very long to do. Excellent service. Thank you." Cleaned 2 Offices: $210.00

Mary P on Troon Court in Waunakee 5/11/16 New Customer
"We're putting the house on the market and we want to clean some of the carpets to make things presentable. I just looked on Google for Waunakee carpet cleaning and saw that your prices are reasonable and I want to make an appointment. Everything looks very good. Even the stairs look good. Thank you, Dennis. See ya." Cleaned 4 BRs, Hallway, Staircase: $225.00

Lisa B on Cone Flower Court in Waunakee 5/4/16 12th appt. since 2006
"We're selling our condo in Waunakee and we want to come and clean our carpets again. We have everything moved out so it should be pretty easy. I'm just calling to say how nice the carpet looks. Thank you." Cleaned 2 BRs, Hallways, Closets, 2 Staircases: $270.00

Christine K on Hanna Way in Dane 4/30/16 New Customer
"We're moving back to Madison from our rental house in Dane, and need you to come and clean our carpets after we have all our stuff out. Our best day for an appointment is Sunday if you're available then. We want to have all the carpets in the house cleaned, on all three floors and the two staircases in between. I just Googled for carpet cleaning. That's awsome. The carpets look very, very good. We were worried some of those spots weren't going to all come out. Wow. And it only took you two hours. Fantastic. Thank you." Cleaned LR, 4 BRs, 2 Hallways, 2 Staircases, Basement GR: $375.00

Joe M on Lawton Lane in Waunakee 4/27/16 New Customer
"I have a home in Waunakee with a large basement rec room and bedroom and I need the carpeting cleaned by Friday. I found you when I searched on my computer for carpet cleaning in Waunakee. Your price seems fair enough, so let's schedule an appointment as soon as you can get here. The carpet downstairs looks very nice. Thank you very much." Cleaned GR, BR: $210.00

Gary and Margie M on River Edge Road in Waunakee 3/29/16 3rd appt since 2014
"I sure feel good after you guys leave. Perfect. I could probably open the windows, it's such a nice day. Everything looks great, just great." Cleaned LR, DR, FR, Hallway, 4 Recliners: $280.00

Homestead Living on Quinn Drive in Waunakee 1/4/16
"We need a carpet cleaned right away. One of our residents moved out and we have to get a bedroom ready for the new person. That's excellent. You made my day. Thank you." Cleaned BR: $75.00


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