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James M on Manchester East in Waunakee Wisconsin 3/6/19 Customer Since 2015
"Good morning Dennis.  I'm due for another carpet cleaning here.  I have your 25% Off coupon again, too."  I don't have to look through because you always do such a fantastic job.  Thanks for coming again.  Cleanned LR, DR, FR, Hallway, 2 BRs: $375.00

Jeff M on 6th Street in Waunakee Wisconsin 10/22/18  New Customer
"I'm calling to make an appointment to have carpeting in my home cleaned.  I'll move everything out of the way for you.  I have your 25% Off coupon.  I've got a dog, so there might be some spots and odors that will need extra treatment.  The carpets look great, like new again.  Good job!  I found you on Google.  I prefer to call small, independent service companies instead of the corporate guys.  Thank you.  I'll call you next time."  Cleaned LR, FR,  GR, Bathroom: $330.00

Beth C on North Division Street in Waunakee Wisconsin 6/8/18  New Customer
"I'm selling my house and I want to have the carpets cleaned before I show it..  I heard about Mr. Steam from my neighbor.  She said she was very happy with the carpet cleaning you did for her.  The carpets look beautiful.  If you have some business cards I will pass them out.  Thank you so much."  Cleaned 3 BRs, Hallway, Staircase: $210.00

Hillary and Rob V on Patrick Avenue in Waunakee Wisconsin 4/14/18  New Customer
"We live in Waunakee and I'm looking for someone to clean carpeting for me today.  We cleaned out our rooms for another cleaner who came out this morning and we knew right away he wasn't up to the job.  If you can come out early this afternoon, that would work out great for us.  The carpets look very nice.  You sure have a good process.  Thank you for the excellent service.  Here's a tip for you."  Cleaned GR, DR, Staircase, Hallway: $240.00

Drew K on Lexington Way in Waunakee Wisconsin 4/13/18  New Customer
"We have a new toddler, so we've got spots and fingerprints on our livingroom furniture I'd like to have cleaned.  I found Mr. Steam when I searched Google for someone who does Waunakee upholstery cleaning.  Everything turned out very nice.  I have your 25% Off coupon here, if you want that.  Here's a little tip for your great service.  Thank you."  Cleaned Sofa, Chair, Stool, Daybed: $210.00

Anna B on Hanover Court in Waunakee Wisconsin 3/26/18  2nd appt.
"I want to make an appointment to clean two large rooms in my house.  I'm available on Monday, if you have an opening Monday.  Amazing job.  The carpets look like new.  I'll be happy to recommend you."  Cleaned LR, FR: $180.00

Margie M on River Edge Road in Waunakee Wisconsin 3/23/18  5th appt.
"This is Margie, and I want to make an appointment for my annual carpet cleaning.  It realy needs it, and you always do such a nice job.  That looks very nice.  Thank you for the great service."  Cleaned LR, DR, FR, Hallway: $180.00

Ashley S on Aldora Lane in Waunakee Wisconsin 2/19/18  New Customer
"I'm the one that's been emailing you about your proces for cleaning, and I'd like to go ahead and set up an appontment.  Monday morning would work very good for me, if you have an opening.  I found Mr. Steam Upholstery Cleaners on YELP.  The furniture isn't in bad shape but it's been in storage for six months and needs a good deep cleaning.  Everything looks very nice.  Thank you, Dennis."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat, Ottoman, Rug: $193.50

Mary R on Caton Lane in Waunakee Wisconsin 2/13/18  4th appt since 2014
"I know it's been awhile but we need Mr. Stream to come in and clean our main level again. You always do such a good job, so we know who to call.  I know we have a lot of hair around from our shedder.  I walked through and everything looks very nice and clean again.  Thank you for getting me in so fast."  Cleaned LR, DR, Hallway, 2 BRs: $270.00

Anna B on Hanover Court in Waunakee Wisconsin 2/1/18  New Customer
"We need some emergency upholstery cleaning service because our dog just urinated on the arm of our sofa.  Early this afternoon would be perfect for us.  That looks very nice, and the spot is gone.  And no more odor, either.  Fantastic!  Thank you so much for the fast service."  Cleaned Sofa Arm: $60.00

Gregg S on North Ridge Drive in Waunakee Wisconsin 12/4/17  New Customer
"I'm looking for someone to come out and clean some carpets for me as soon as possible.  I had an appointment with another carpet cleaner this morning but they just called and said they're not going to make it.  I have my rooms all cleared out, so I went on Google for Madison carpet cleaning and looked down the list.  When I went to your website and saw your picture, that you're willing to put your face out there, I figured you're not going to scam me like this other guy did.  The carpets all look great.  Thank you for saving the day.  I'll give you a good review for sure."  Cleaned LR, DR, Staircase, BR: $195.00

Gloria S on 6th Street in Waunakee Wisconsin 11/20/17  New Customer
"I see your website here and I read your reviews.  When can you come and clean?  Monday is good.  Everything looks real good.  You did a good job.  Thank you."  Cleaned GR, FR, Den, Staircase, Sofa, Loveseat, Recliner: $420.00

Troy at Homestead Living on Quinn Drive in Waunakee Wisconsin 10/24/17  Many appts since 2000
"One of our residents moved out and so we need to have her room cleaned as soon as possible.  Tuesday morning works perfectly.  Thank you for getting us in so fast."   Cleaned BR, Closet: $105.00


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