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Holly P on Lake Road in Windsor Wisconsin 7/20/18  2nd app. since 2016
"I want to make an appointment to have you come and clean some upholstery for me again.  You did an amazing job last time, so I want you back.  Nice, very nice.  Everything looks so nice and clean again. Thank you." Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat, 6 Chairs: $270.00

Christopher D on Forest Park Drive in DeForest Wisconsin 6/6/18  New Customer. 
"I'm looking for a carpet cleaner to come and clean 2 bedrooms and a rug for me at my house in DeForest.  I found you on my Iphone, on Google.  It looks like new carpets.  Good job.  I like your service.  Thank you."  Cleaned 2 BRs, Rug: $195.00

Beverly D on Natchez Court in DeForest Wisconsin 5/30/18  3rd appt. since 2016
"Hi Dennis.  I need to make an appointment for another carpet cleaning at my house in DeForest.  You do such a nice job, so I want you back again this year.  Thank you very much.  Everything looks wonderful.  Have a nice day."  Cleaned 2 BRs, 2 Staircases, 2 Rugs: $255.00

Jacki S on Dennis Drive in Madison Wisconsin 5/24/18  New Customer
"I found Mr. Steam when I searched on Google for a local carpet cleaning company.  I have some carpets that need cleaning as soon as you can get here.  I walked through and everything looks very, very nice.  That's great service.  I'm glad I found you.  Have a nice day."  Cleaned FR, Staircase, Hallway, 3 BRs, LR Rug: $315.00

Bryan W on Sunnybrook Drive in DeForest Wisconsin 3/25/18  2nd appt.
You cleaned our carpets before and we were very happy, so we want you to come and clean for us again.  We really like your carpet cleaning process because the carpeting looks so clean and dries so fast.  Very good job again.  Thank you.  See you next time, Mr. Steam."  Cleaned LR, DR, BR, Hallway: $195.00

Allison W on Gray Road in Madison Wisconsin 3/22/18  New Customer
"We just got a new cat from the shelter and he's got ringworm and now my son has it, so I want to clean my carpets and upholstery in the livingroom while we keep the cat in quaranteen for a few days.  If you can come tomorrow morning, that would be perfect.  Very nice job.  Everything looks very, very nice.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned LR, 2 BRs, Hallway, Staircase, Sofa, Loveseat, Recliner: $345.00

Molly C on DeForest Street in DeForest Wisconsin 3/20/18  New Customer
"I have a toddler that has made a mess of my sofa and loveseat, and I think I need professional cleaning.  I found you on Google on my phone.  Amazing.  They look amazing.  I didn''t think it was possible.  Thank you."  Cleaned sofa, Loveseat: $160.00

Teresa M on Cumberland Lane in DeForest Wisconsin 2/26/18  New Customer
"I have some new tenants moving into a duplex I own and I need to have all the carpeting cleaned in the next couple days.  I found Mr. steam and your coupons on Google.  The tenant will meet you there at the job.  The carpets look very nice.  Good job.  Thank you."  Cleaned GR, FR, 3 BRs, Staircese, Hallway: $250.00

Teresa H on Glen Road in DeForest Wisconsin 12/1/17  New Customer
"We got into our new home to find the carpets are too dirty and smelly, so we need someone to come and clean our three bedrooms right away, today if that's possible.  Noon would be perfect for us.  We found Mr. Steam on YELP! and read all your good reviews.  Oh, those spots came out, and it smells so much better in here.  Thank you so much for getting out here so fast.  That was wonderful."  Cleaned 3 BRs: $150.00

Sue T on North Yahara Road in DeForest Wisconsin 11/15/17  New Customer
"I'm looking for a price to clean my familyroom and furniture.  When can you do it?  I found you on Google.  The doberman gets on the sofa and drools all over.  Just do what you can.  This looks awsome.  I'm very happy.  You just saved me from needing to buy new furniture.  Thank you very much.  I'm glad I called."  Cleaned FR, Staircase, Sofa Sectional: $210.00

Lisa W on Trail Side Drive in DeForest Wisconsin 10/30/17  New Customer
"I'm really impressed with the job you did on my carpets yesterday.  I'm sorry I couldn't stick around to see how you work miracles.  The cat mess is all gone.  I still can't believe it.  Thank you so much."  Cleaned LR, FR, 4 BRs, Hallway, Staircase: $315.00

Lisa H on Mary Ida Drive in DeForest Wisconsin 8/8/17  2nd appt. since 2016
"You cleaned our motorhome last year and we were happy with that, so I thought I'd call to have you clean the carpeting in our home in DeForest.  Oh, wow!  That turned out nice.  I was really worried if that was going to ever look good again.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, FR, Staircase, BR: $180.00

Jenny G on Renata Court in DeForest Wisconsin 7/28/17  New Customer
"I'm closing on my new house Friday and I want to get the carpets cleaned as soon as I can get in there.  Right on time.  Now that's great service.  The carpets look wonderful.  Perfect!  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, FR, 4 BRs, Hallway, Staircase: $390.00

Ron D on Morningside Drive in Deerfield Wisconsin 7/23/17 3rd appt. since 2015
"I need some carpeting cleaned as soon as possible, if that's possible.  You've cleaned this for me last year.  Sunday afternoon will work good for me.  The carpet turned out great.  What a difference.  Thank you for the fast service."  Cleaned LR, Hallway, Staircase, BR: $160.00

Linda P on Southbound Drive in DeForest Wisconsin 6/29/17  Many appts. since 2000
"Hi Dennis.  I'm moving in to a new apartment and I want you to come and clean the carpets before my furniture gets here.  I know it's short notice.  Nice job.  Thank you for squeezing me in."  Cleaned LR, BR, Hallway: $160.00

Laura K on Pocahontas Lane in DeForest Wisconsin 6/6/17  New Customer
"We're putting the house on the market and we want to have all the carpets cleaned before we can start showing the property.  The carpets are in very bad shape due to abuse by the previous renters, and I'm sure the new buyers will replace it.  But for now I just want to have them cleaned to the best of your ability.  I'm just amazed at how nice the carpets turned out.  I'm glad I found you.  Thank you for the good service."  Cleaned LR, FR, 4 BRs, Staircase, Hallway: $420.00

Sylvia A on Reigstad Street in DeForest Wisconsin 6/2/17  Many appts. since 1992
"Hi Dennis, it's good to see you again.  Are you ready to clean some dirty carpets?  Everything looks nice and clean again.  I'm so pleased.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, BR, Hallway, Chair, Recliner: $217.50


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