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Roger S on Highway 138 in Stoughton Wisconsin 12/15/17  Many appts. since 2000
"I have a rental farm house I need to have cleaned before I bring in new tenants.  Mr. Steam always does a very nice job keeping my rental property carpets cleaned.  The carpets looks great.  Thank you for getting me in so fast, Dennis"  Cleaned GR, DR, 3 BRs, Hallways, Staircase: $300.00

Pat V on Williams Drive in Stoughton Wisconsin 8/31/17  New Customer

"How quickly can you clean carpeting for us.  We're staying here on mom's farm and we thought we would have the carpeting professionally cleaned while we're here.  We know they're in bad condition, with the dogs and cats and everything, but we just want to improve things and get rid of some of the smell in here.  It would be fantastic if you could do it today.  That's just what we were hoping for.  The carpets look so much better and the odor is all gone.  Thank you for the speedy service."  Cleaned GR, 2 BRs, Staircase, Hallway: $360.00

Scott B on Hamilton Street in Stoughton Wisconsin 7/13/17  New Customer
"I need some carpeting in my home cleaned and I see your ad on line here.  Thursday morning works great if you can get here before I have to go to work.  I have a bedroom and a stairs down to the basement done.  Looks great!  Nice job!  Thanks, Dennis."  Cleaned BR, Staircase: $105.00

Susan V on Washington Road in Stoughton Wisconsin 7/10/17
"I'm doing some house cleaning and I have some rugs I want to have cleaned.  I found Mr. Steam on the Stoughton shoppers web site, and you had great reviews there.  Wow, that's great service.  You even pick up and deliver for free.  Thank you very much.  I'll be sure to give you a good review."  Cleaned 5 Rugs: $180.00

Carla J on West Main Street in Stoughton Wisconsin 6/30/17  New Customer
"I'm moving out of my apartment in Stoughton and my landlord recommended I call Mr. Steam to do the carpet cleaning.  This looks very nice.  Even those bad stains came out.  Good job.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, DR, Hallway, 2 BRs: $225.00

Joella and Darren H on Chapin Lane in Stoughton Wisconsin 6/26/17  New Customer
"We got some rain water in our basement from the storm the other day and the carpet in the bedroomm and hallway were saturated.  My husband sucked up the water and dried it out pretty good, but now we want to have it cleaned as soon as you can get here.  That turned out very nice.  I'm glad we were able to save it.  Thank you for the quick service and great results."  Cleaned BR, Hallway, FR: $120.00

David Nelson on Jackson Street in Stoughton Wisconsin 4/20/17  4th appt. since 2011
"Mr. Steam has been cleaning our carpets for many years.  I think this is our third home that you've worked in here in Stoughton.  We have new furniture coming on Friday, so this worked out very nice.  I know our dogs make a mess of things.  Looks great!  Thank you much.  Have a good day."  Cleaned LR, Staircese, 2 Rugs: $202.50

Amy McFarland on Rolling View Road in Stoughton Wisconsin 3/16/17  New Customer
"We live in Stoughton and we're putting our home on the market and the realtors are coming to take pictures on Saturday and I really need my bedrooms and staircases cleaned as soon as possible.  Today would be perfect.  As you can see, we haven't cleaned our carpets in years, and there's lots of food and other spills I'm hoping will come out.  Very impressive.  I can't believe how nice the carpets turned out.  Thank you for taking such a big load off our shoulders.  You really helped us out."  Cleaned 4 BRs, 2 Staircases, 2 Landings, 2 Closets, Bathroom: $375.00

Cody K on County Road B in Stoughton Wisconsin 2/21/17  New Customer
I'm looking on my Ipad for carpet cleaners in Stoughton and I have one of your coupons.  I need some carpets and furniture cleaned.  When can you do it?  That didn't take very long.  Everything looks very nice.  Good work!  Thank you.  Here is your coupon.  Have is a nice day."  Cleaned GR, LR, FR, BR, Hallway, Staircase, Sova, Loveseat: $365.00

Jim W on Roby Road in Stoughton 12/19/16 New Customer
"I have dogs and I need my carpets cleaned as soon as I can. Monday morning at 8:00 would be excellent. Looks good! I'd like to charge it. Thank you for the fast service." Cleaned LR, Hallway, 2 Staircases: $180.00

Charles and Nancy K on West Chicago Street in Stoughton 12/8/16 New Customer
"We're moving in to a house in Stoughton and the prior owners had dogs, and we want to clean the carpets before the furniture gets here. I did a Google search for carpet cleaners in Stoughton and your name popped up, and it just clicked with me. The carpets look beautiful. Beautiful job. Great job. Thank you. Have a good day. And have a nice Christmas. Cleaned LR, FR, Hallway, 4 BRs: $315.00

Carman S on Skycrest Court in Stoughton 11/11/16 New Customer
"I have a dirty livingroom that I'm looking to have cleaned. It's got some spots, including some food spills. Wow! I can't believe the differance. Very good! Thank you guys, very much." Cleaned LR, Sofa: $195.00

Dale N on Roby Road in Stoughton 9/28/16 New Customer
"I've got two rooms I'm looking to have the carpets cleaned in. The carpets are only a few months old, but we have a milk spill in the livingroom and some dog mess in the familyroom. I've called other companies and your price is in the ballpark, so when can you do it. This morning between 10 and 11 AM would work good for me, because I work the third shift and I'm around today. Everything looks good. Thanks much." Cleaned LR, FR: $120.00

Ellen S on Kings Lynn Road in Stoughton 9/24/16 New Customer
"I found you on Google, and I'm calling to make an appointment for carpet cleaning in my home in Stoughton. We're rearranging some furniture in the bedroom and we thought it would be a good time to have the carpet in there cleaned. The carpets look very nice. I love it. Thanks so much for getting this done on the weekend. It was perfect." Cleaned BR, Staircase Rug: $150.00

Judy C on Chapin Court in Stoughton 9/13/16 2nd appt. since 2015
"I'm glad you guys are still in business because I need a good cleaning. Mr. Steam LLC was recommended to me last year by my friend, Lori D. My husband has Parkinson's disease, and all those spills are due to that. You guys do amazing work. The carpets and sofa look wonderful. Thank you." Cleaned 2 BRs, Sofa: $195.00

Cheri N on McComb Road in Stoughton 9/2/16 New Customer
"I'm moving to Stoughton to be closer to my aged mother. I need a livingroom, bedroom and staircase cleaned in the apartment I'm moving in to. I Googled for carpet cleaning in Stoughton and found you there. I read about you and your business, and I have your coupon. That looks good. Thank you Dennis. It was nice meeting you." Cleaned LR, BR, Staircase: $180.00

Roger S on West Main Street in Stoughton 8/31/16 Customer since 2000
"I've got a couple rental units in Stoughton I need you guys to come and clean this week if that's possible. You guys always do such a nice job. Thanks guys." Cleaned LR, DR, Hallway, Staircase, 2 BRs: $225.00

Kate H on West Main Street in Stoughton 8/25/16 New Customer
"I'm moving out of my apartment in Stoughton and the landlord gave me your name and said I should call you in to clean the carpets. He said Mr. Steam does the best job and guaranteed I would be happy with your job. Thank you." Cleaned LR, DR, Hallway, 2 BRs: $240.00

Sheri A in Stoughton Oregon 7/27/16 New Customer
"We have a rental duplex on Oregon Parks Avenue in Oregon that we want the carpets cleaned in. The tenants that were in there had a dog that made a few messes and we want to get those cleaned up before we show the house on the weekend. Our subcontractor, Scott M, said Mr. Steam LLC does the best work, so that's why I called you. The carpets look better than they did when they were installed. That's fantastic. Thank you very much for gettng us in so quickly." Cleaned GR, Staircase, 3 BRs: $285.00

Buzz and Kay D on Riverview Drive in Stoughton 7/21/16 2nd appt. since 2012
"We're selling our house and having the showing on Saturday, so we're looking to have some carpets cleaned this week if that's possible. Thursday will be perfect. The carpets look wonderful, very nice. Thank you for getting that behind us. I hope finding a buyer will be that easy." Cleaned LR, DR, FR, Hallway, Staircase: $165.00

Arlene W on West Main Street in Stoughton 7/18/16 New Customer
"I have some carpets, a rug and a loveseat I want to have cleaned, and I have your coupons for 25% OFF. I found by searching on Google. Everything looks great. Thank you. You have a wonderful day." Cleaned Staircase, Hallway, Rug, Recliner-Loveseat: $240.00

David W on Madison Street in Stoughton 6/7/16 2nd appt. since 2010
"I need you to come and clean some area rugs for me again. I know it's been a few years. And I printed out your 25% Off coupon page again from your web site, if I can use that. It's the same four rugs you cleaned for me a few years ago. Nice to see you again. I can't believe how you can get all that dog hair out. That smells so nice. Wonderful. Wonderful. Thanks so much. I probably won't wait so long next time. Have a nice day." Cleaned 4 Oriental Rugs: $210.00

Mike C on Williams Drive in Stoughton 5/23/16 New Customer
"My cat died and peed on my sofa cushions, and I want to have that cleaned for me. That's good. That's just what I wanted. Thank you for coming so fast. That worked out perfect. Thank you." Cleaned Sofa: $75.00

John L on County Trunk BN in Stoughton 5/17/16 21st appt. since 2001
"I would like to have my entryway rug cleaned, and that's everything for today. One end looks dark and soiled and I'm tired of looking at it. That looks very nice. It's good to have that behind me. Thank you, Dennis." Cleaned Rug: $45.00

Sharon on West Main Street in Stoughton 4/21/16 35th appt. since 1994
"We need one of our apartments cleaned as soon as possible. Thank you for getting that job done for us so quickly. Now we're ready for the new tanants. Thank you." cleaned LR, DR, Hallway, 2 BRs: $180.00

Bonito P on Valley View Drive in Stoughton 2/26/16 New Customer
"We're moving in to our new house in Stoughton and we have all our funiture in the garage because we want to have the carpets cleaned before we bring stuff in. We're hoping you can come to clean Friday afternoon, after we do some more cleaning and painting. This worked out perfectly. I found Mr. Steam LLC when I Googled for steam carpet cleaners in Stoughton. The carpets look very good. I guess they were worth saving after all. And they feel almost dry already. I'm happy. Thank you." Cleaned LR, 2 Staircases, Hallway, 3 BRs: $230.00

Rosemary L on County Road BN in Stoughton 1/11/16 20th appt. since 2001
"I just need the livingroom and two rugs cleaned this time. Oh, that looks very nice. Thank you guys." Cleaned LR, 2 Rugs: $120.00

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