Area Rug & Oriental Rug Cleaning Prices


Small Throw Rugs, Door Mats & Runners: $10 to $20 ea.
$7.50 to $15 with MR. STEAM LLC Rug Cleaning Coupon

These rugs typically run 10 to 20 square feet.


3' x 5' Size Rug to 7' x 9' Size Rug: $40 to $60 ea.
$30.00 to $45.00 with a MR. STEAM LLC Rug Cleaning Coupon

These rugs typically run 30 to 70 square feet.


8' x 10' Size Rug to 10' x 12' Size Rug: $60 to $100ea.
$45.00 to $75.00 with a MR. STEAM LLC Rug Cleaning Coupon

These rugs typically run 80 to 120 square feet.


12' x 15' Size Rug to 15' x 20' Size Rug : $80 to $160 ea.
$60.00 TO $120.00 with a MR. STEAM LLC Rug Cleaning Coupon

These rugs typically run 180 to 300 square feet.

Area Rugs

Rugs may be cleaned where they lay or on any flat surface. Some pet urine saturated rugs may need to be "emersion cleaned" which we don’t do.

Ask about additional pick-up and delivery charges if applicable.

Why The Rug Cleaning Price Variation?

Our price range allows for the wide variety of conditions we may encounter, such as the actual rug size, condition or degree of soil content, special stain or odor treatments that may be needed, the total order size and your Rug Cleaning Appointment needs.

We want you to know exactly what you can expect to pay for your Rug Cleaning Order, so please ask Dennis for a firm quote when you call, or ask for a free on-site survey, an evaluation of cleanability and a written price quote.

MR. STEAM LLC has a $50.00 Minimum Charge for Rug Cleaning orders.
If you have but one small rug, expect to pay at minimum $50.00 plus tax.

Expect to pay more than the posted prices for: A small order or single rug; Emergency, non-routine or after-hour appointment times; Seriously damaged or unusually heavy-soiled or abused rugs; Difficult access where finding parking or getting equipment into the premises is extra laborious. Please accurately describe your situation so we can calculate a fair price in such cases.

DO NOT bring your rug(s) to our location for cleaning without first calling our office at 241-1100.

State law requires 5.5% sales tax on all goods and services. This tax may not be included with our phone quote or written Rug Cleaning Price Estimate.

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