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Xavier P on Preston Place in McFarland Wisconsin 9/30/19  New Customer
"I'm moving in to a new house and I want to have just one bedroom and a hallway cleaned.  I saw your prices and I just want to make an appointment for sometime this week if possible.  Great job!  I'm happy I called Mr. Steam.  Thank you."  Cleaned BR, Hallway, Staircase: $195.00
Teresa J on Freese Lane in McFarland Wisconsin 7/28/19  New Customer
"I'm trying to find out how much it would cost to get some bedrooms and stairs cleaned in my rental.  We've moved out but we need to clean the carpets before the new tenants move in.  The carpets turned out amazing.  You have a good process, I can see that.  I'm impressed.  Thank you very much.  Have a nice day."  Cleaned 3 BRs, Hallway, Staircase: $180.00

Mary M on Oak Hollow Drive in McFarland Wisconsin 5/8/19  New Customer
I have four bedrooms I want to have cleaned, and I'm interested in how much that will cost.  You're certainly affordable, so can I make an appointment for sometime this week?  We've got a new puppiy in training, so I've got some spots around.  The carpets look wonderful.  Thank you very much for the fantastic service.  We'll be sure to recommend you."  Cleaned 4 BRs: $240.00

Chris B in Siggelkow Road in McFarland Wisconsin 4/2/19  New Customer
"My father is in a nursing home here and he soild a recliner that need professional cleaning.  I found your coupon and price list on Google.  Thank you for the wonderful service."  Cleaned Recliner: $75.00

Beth M on Prairie Stone Drive in McFarland Wisconsin 6/19/18  New Customer
"I'm moving back into my house in McFarland and I want to get the carpets cleaned before the furniture goes in.  My realtor Mike G gave me your name and said he had Mr. Steam clean his rental property carpets for many years.  Tuesday works good on my schedule.  The carpets turned out very nice.  Thank you."  Cleaned GR, 3 BRs,Staircase, Hallway: $360.00

Emily H on Lexington Street in McFarland Wisconsin 5/27/18  New Customer
"I found your ad on Google and I want to make an appontment to clean a livingroom and two bedrooms.  We're moving out of our apartment and into our new house and we need to clean the carpeting on exit.  Sunday morning will work out perfect for us.  The carpets look wonderful.  Even that stain that was here when we moved is is all gone.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day."  Cleaned LR, 2 BRs: $180.00

Barrie M on Jordan Drive in McFarland Wisconsin 4/9/18  New Customer
"I googled you on my Iphone when I needed a carpet and upholstery cleaner in McFarland.  You came right up.  I want to have three bedrooms and my sectional sofa cleaned.  The carpets and sofa are in good conditiion, but my son had an accident over here, which may need some deodorizer.  Everything looks very, very nice.  Thank you."  Cleaned 3 BRs, Hallway, Staircase, 4 Piece Sectional Sofa: $465.00

Jennifer and Chad H on Sugar River Lane in McFarland Wisconsin 4/4/18  New Customer
"We had some furniture in storage that we just moved into our new house, and we want to get them cleaned because they've been kept in storage for several months.  I found Mr. Steam when I went on Google and did a search for furniture cleaners in McFarland Wisconsin.  They look just like new again.  Thank you.  Have a good day."  Cleaned Sofa-Chase Sectional, 3-piece Recliner Sofa, Kingsize Mattress: $270.00

Brittany S on Honeypot Drive in Madison McFarland Wisconsin 2/20/18  New Customer
"I just have a small job I'm hoping to find somebody to do.  I want just my staircase carpet cleaned, and I wonder how much that would cost.  I found Mr. Steam on Yelp.  I looked through the carpet cleaning sevices there and you were the only one who didn't have a $99.00 minimum charge.  The stairs look very nice.  I was worried they wouldn't come clean.  Thank you for the quick service, Dennis."  Cleaned 2 Staircases $56.25

Jessica J on Jenness Avenue in McFarland 2/17/18  New Customer
"I'm calling to see if you clean furniture in McFarland.  I purchased a used sofa and loveseat on Craig's List, and the people had dogs.  If you can come out today, that would be very good because I don't know what else to do.  The sofa and loveseat look great, and they smell so much better.  Here is a tip for your hard work.  Thank you very much for your fast service."  Cleaned Sofa, Loveseat: $135.00

Erin C on Lexington Street in McFarland Wisconsin 8/30/17  New Customer
"I'm moving out of an apartment in McFarland and I need the carpets cleaned according to the rental contract.  I found you by googling on my telephone.  The carpets look even better than when I moved in.  Thank you very much for coming today.  That was great service, so fast." Cleaned LR, Hallway, 2 BRs: $150.00

Mike and Cindy J on Mansion Circle in McFarland Wisconsin 8/28/17 5th appt. since 2013
"Cindy and I thought we're past due for our annual carpet cleaning.  When can you guys get us on your schedule.  You always do beautiful work for us.  Thank you very much."  Cleaned LR, 3 BRs, Hallway, Staircase: $240.00

Anna G on Glenway Street in McFarland Wisconsin 7/17/17  New Customer
"We've sold our house in McFarland and we want to have the carpets cleaned for the new owners.  We want to have the work done this week, or as soon as you can.  You can come right away?  Oh my gosh, that would be perfect.  Nice job.  The carpets look wonderful.  Thank you for coming right out.  Thank you."  Cleaned LR, 3 BRs, Hallway: $240.00

Andrew L on Running Deer Trail in McFarland Wisconsin 7/4/17  New Customer
"We're closing on our new house in McFarland on July 3 and we're looking to have the carpets cleaned right away so we can move in.  It would be great if you can clean for us Thuesday morning.  The carpets look very nice.  I like your process.  Thank you for coming out on a holiday and being so prompt."  Cleaned LR, FR, 4 BRs, 2 Staircases, Hallway: $425.00

Julie B on Holscher Road in McFarland Wisconsin 6/17/17  New Customer
"I need to have some carpeting cleaned in my home.  A coworker recommeded I call Mr. Steam because that's who she uses and she says she's always been happy with your work.  Everything looks fantastic.  Thank you for coming today.  The timing was perfect.  Have a good weekend."  Cleaned LR, FR, 2 BRs, Hallway, Sofa, Loveseat, Chair, Stool: $375

Justin W on River Crest Drive in McFarland Wisconsin 6/9/07  New Customer
"I'm closing on a new house in McFarland on Friday and I'm hoping to get the carpets cleaned quickly so we can move our things in.  I saw you coupon and I read all your good reviews.  The carpets look wonderful.  Thank you for getting me in today."  Cleaned LR, 4 BRs, Hallway, Staircase: $270.00


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